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"Recipes from a noodle wizard - What MiMi Aye doesn't know about noodles isn't worth knowing." (The Daily Telegraph)
"I love MiMi Aye’s Noodle! – comprehensive, well written and fascinating." (The Mail on Sunday)

So I wrote a book called Noodle! which has just been published by Absolute Press - if this is news to you, you can read all about it here, and see some gorgeous photos from the book itself below by Mike Cooper

I'm delighted to say that you can now buy signed copies of Noodle! using the "Add to Cart" button below. I'll even draw you a crummy picture.

Signed Copy of NOODLE! by MiMi Aye (includes shipping)
(you can buy multiple copies on the next page)

Please make sure you fill in the "Add a Note" section on the PayPal confirmation page, specifying: 
  • who you'd like the book signed to ("For Sally" etc); and 
  • any particular message or doodle - within reason ....

I'll sign, doodle and wrap the book(s) with my own fair hands and post them to you from my local Post Office as soon as I can.

Wonton Noodle Soup - p46 (photo copyright Mike Cooper)

Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Noodles (JapChae) - p30 (photo copyright Mike Cooper)

15 Curry Udon
Curry Udon - p104 (photo copyright Mike Cooper)
Dan Dan Noodles - p90 (photo copyright Mike Cooper)

Examples of previous crummy pictures below:

Noodle! Doodle 1

Noodle! Doodle 2

Noodle! Doodle 3

Noodle! Doodle 4