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MasterChef Final 2009 (TV Review)

The finalists and the key talent So last night was the Masterchef final. I’ve been a fan since Loyd Grossman ’s tenure, but it took Gregg Wallace and John Torode (aka the Egg and the Toad) to elevate this humble show to a true art form known as “ SHOUTING ABOUT FOOD ”. This year’s been an emotional roller-coaster . Having been glued to BBC2 every night since forever, I’m still mildly upset that Call Centre Chris (a strangely pleasing cross between Nasty Nick Cotton and Mark Thomas ) was turfed out last week. Anyway, our three finalists are Andy, Christopher and Mat. L-R: Mat, Andy and Christopher I’ve been rooting for Mat since the day I saw him fashion an ugly bread bowl for some monkfish chowder, Mat with his one T to make up for Gregg’s two G’s. He was a train engineer for goodness sake and he cried like an angel, looked like Ming the Merciless , foraged for his own food and had an accent you couldn’t pin down. Plus in the last episode, voiceover lady got a mite too personal,