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MasterChef Final 2009 (TV Review)

The finalists and the key talentSo last night was the Masterchef final. I’ve been a fan since Loyd Grossman’s tenure, but it took Gregg Wallace and John Torode (aka the Egg and the Toad) to elevate this humble show to a true art form known as “SHOUTING ABOUT FOOD”.

This year’s been an emotional roller-coaster. Having been glued to BBC2 every night since forever, I’m still mildly upset that Call Centre Chris (a strangely pleasing cross between Nasty Nick Cotton and Mark Thomas) was turfed out last week.

Anyway, our three finalists are Andy, Christopher and Mat.
L-R: Mat, Andy and ChristopherI’ve been rooting for Mat since the day I saw him fashion an ugly bread bowl for some monkfish chowder, Mat with his one T to make up for Gregg’s two G’s. He was a train engineer for goodness sake and he cried like an angel, looked like Ming the Merciless, foraged for his own food and had an accent you couldn’t pin down. Plus in the last episode, voiceover lady got a mite too personal, saying Mat's…