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Perfect Christmas Present - Signed Copy of NOODLE! with Free P&P!

Snowman noodles So it's that time of year when you're thinking,  "I can't possibly get Mum a gift of smellies again",  "I've no idea what to get for Dad!",  "Would Gran want another scarf for Christmas?",  "What am I meant to get for my brother this time?" Rudolf eating tamen Here's the perfect Christmas present solution for my readers in the UK - a signed copy of my book NOODLE! Your friends and family will love you, and you'll reap the benefits as they lavish noodle dish after noodle dish upon you. As for the book itself, not only will it have my beauteous signature inscribed on it, I will even draw you an exceedingly shabby Christmas-themed doodle inside! Ever wanted a picture of Rudolf eating ramen? Or Frosty the Snowman wistfully eating summer rolls? Just let me know what you want (awful puns and all)! And for a limited time running up to Christmas, post and packaging is free , so you