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Kai We Care - Behind the Scenes

Petits fours by Edd Kimber (the Boy Who Bakes) and Chef Luke Mackay Kai We Care. #KaiWeCare . Kai We Care was the mother of all fundraising dinners held on Monday 4th April 2011 at One Moorgate Place in London. The brainchild of Mat Follas, chef patron of the Wild Garlic, and Dave Ahern aka Cork Gourmet Guy, writer turned chef. Canapes and Pre-starter Its aim was to help the New Zealand Red Cross in their efforts to provide relief in the aftermath of February's earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Chef Alyn Williams A stunning nine-course dinner, cooked by a brigade of award-winning and Michelin-starred chefs, followed by an auction of wonderful prizes. Edd Kimber and Luke Mackay It might have seemed like a case of too many cooks, but in the end, the chefs, the front of house, and everyone else pulled the night off with panache. Over £60,000 was raised - a phenomenal amount - thanks to the amazing efforts of the Kai We Care team led by Mat Follas , Dave Ahern , Grant Hawthorn

Great British Menu 2011 - Johnnie Mountain Interview (North West)

L-R: Johnnie Mountain of the English Pig, London (Great British Menu 2011) and Marcus Bean of The New Inn, Baschurch (Iron Chef Winner 2010) at Kai We Care (photo © Kavita Favelle of Kavey Eats ) “It’s a pretty tall order given the competition, but even among chefs, Johnnie Mountain could be considered seriously eccentric” Charles Campion I'm ashamed (relieved) to say that my TV viewing has diminished greatly of late, but I'm hoping to catch Great British Menu 2011 from tomorrow. This year the chefs are being challenged to cook for the ultimate street party, The People's Banquet - inspired by The Big Lunch , a nationwide one-day event that encourages people to cook and eat with their neighbours in the spirit of community, friendship and fun. This week on the Great British Menu, it's the turn of the North West chefs Bruno Birkbeck, Johnnie Mountain and Lisa Allen to fight it out. I got the chance to speak with Johnnie Mountain , chef/owner of the English Pig on Aldersga

They've Arrived - Bags for Japan

Short, slightly over-excited note to say that I've now seen my Bags for Japan in real life! They are brilliant (vain, I know), but they're also nice fabric and the print quality is great. If you've ordered one, hopefully they'll arrive soon - and if you haven't got one yet, why ever not? All proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross as before. And look! now there are T-Shirts too (this time designed by my husband from photos he took) ... SHOP FOR BAGS AND T-SHIRTS FOR JAPAN HERE