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2011 Christmas Gift Guide and Chocolate Giveaway [CLOSED]

Christmas is something I've only begun to celebrate at home relatively recently - I'm technically a Buddhist and my family never went in for seasonal gifts. Because of this, I have a tendency to buy presents whenever the whim takes me, so by the time December comes rolling round, I find I've already got a neat little stockpile of goods to hand out to my nearest and dearest. So here's a selection of stuff from my stockpile that I think you will like too (and there's a giveaway at the bottom...) Hotel Chocolat Rather Large Christmas Cracker This was sent to me to review. It's big and well packaged, so home delivery is a safe option. Stuffed with 40 fine chocolates including truffles, pralines and Christmas Mess (sadly wrapped in dingy shades of brown paper), 12 gold paper crowns and some rubbish jokes, this would make a good Christmas party present. Also, the explosion was so exciting that one of the chocolates flew under my sofa without me realising and so I got