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Chez Clement, Paris and More Faith No More (Review)

Apologies for the patchy posting - I know I have a massive backlog including a tonne of Japanese goodness , but every time I start to write something, I get distracted by Ugly Betty fanfic (yes, I did just say that out loud. Hell, I used to obsess over Chlark as penned by the esteemable Elly's Fanfiction , but the crackhounds in charge of Smallville are running that ship into the ground). Anyway, apart from my beloved husband (natch), I'm currently crushing on three people, two of whom are called Eric (what are the chances of that, eh?). Number 1 being Eric Mabius aka Daniel Meade from Ugly Betty , number 2 being Eric Bana aka Henry DeTamble, Time Traveller , and Number 3 being Sir Michael of Patton (whaddaya mean, Mike Patton is not God? ). So in pursuit of that last one, hubby and I drifted across the Channel to see Faith No More perform at Rock En Seine in Paris. It was awesomesauce as expected, but then my love of FNM has been documented previously . How could you

The Obligatory Tsukiji Market Post

I do not approve Tsukiji ! We made it! On our first two trips to Japan, hubby and I totally failed to visit Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market , partly due to sheer laziness (come on, you had to get there for 5 am for chrissakes) and partly due to contrariness because everyone said we ABSO. LUTELY. HAD. TO. GO. But when folk we knew began to make out like we were some kind of losers who didn't really like food, something finally snapped inside me and we went. At half-six that is - a girl needs her beauty sleep. Soooo we missed the famous tuna auctions , but I didn't care to watch anyway (and no, Greta Scacchi did not influence me in anyway ), and there was still plenty to see. Mainly six foot tall gaijin with big hair and freaking enormous SLRs . I jest, there was also a lot of fish. I want to drive one of these things I guess it was kind of cool looking at all the different creatures, and it was really cool that my cousin acted as a guide for us (he speaks fluent Japanese and u

Scraping the Barrel

This month's Glamour magazine sees journalism sink to an all-time low. And no, I'm not having a cheap dig at the expense of cover star Jordan aka Katie Price. Hark at the wonder of this little beauty: That's right, what do magazine staff REALLY EAT ? It's not a joke - here's the article entitled "What the Glamour staff really eat" (note the exciting change of emphasis) So basically, the staff at Glamour went: " Ooh, you know what we should write about? All the stuff we eat! Yeah, that will go down a storm . High five! " Ladies and gentlemen, this is the very definition of scraping the barrel.

Japanese Hamburgers - In Tokyo, they call it a Hanbaga

So hubby and I got back from Japan a week ago and whilst we mostly ate like kings, every so often we craved a bit of junk food. Nothing hits the spot quite like a juicy hamburger, so here's my round-up of the best burgers in Japan, where they call them hanbaga (or hanbaagaa depending on who you talk to). meemalee's Guide to Japanese Hamburgers 4. MonsterBurger At Number 4 is MonsterBurger, the creation of Muscle Park , a weird sports theme park in Odaiba , Tokyo. The meal is enough for two, costs about ¥ 1250 (about £8) and comes with a drink and a choice of either weird knobbly fries or potato smiley faces. Guess which one we chose? The point of MonsterBurger is The MonsterBurger - a ridiculous towering beast of a burger in a box shaped like the multi-coloured vaulting horse mascot of Muscle Park itself. The daunting concoction was actually three separate sandwiches skewered together by a wooden stick - the top one was breaded chicken fillet, the next cheese and bacon, and t