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Taste of Asia 2009 (London Festival)

This weekend I had the choice of going to Taste of Spain in Regent Street and Taste of Asia in Potters Fields. After dithering a bit, I plumped for the latter (fellow blogger bellaphon went to Taste of Spain ). Taste of Asia is part of Celebrasian (don't laugh), a UK/India festival celebrating all the best of Asia through a series of events . These include Taste of Asia, Face Of Asia, Business India Forum, The Celebrasian Cup, Masters Cricket and Asia Cup Polo. Obviously the only event I'd be interested in would be food-related, so yesterday hubby and I turned up to Taste of Asia in Potters Fields, London ( next to Boris's house ). Apparently Cherie Blair had opened the show by cooking onstage with Anjum Anand , but I was heartbroken to find I'd missed this clash of the titans. We did see a rather peculiar fashion show where it took me a few minutes to realise that those were in fact models coming onstage one by one, since the male ones at least looked quite lost.

Rant: Great British Menu 2009 - The Final Results

Yes, it's finally here - the Results of the Great British Menu 2009 . We voted; the judges voted; together we may have created an unholy mishmash of flavours, but dammit if we don't love the chefs that made them. All the finalists have gathered at the Imperial War Museum to find out if they will be feeding servicemen and women returning from Afghanistan at a special banquet at RAF Halton House . Just to remind you, the eight chefs in the final are: Glynn Purnell for Central Tom Kitchin for Scotland Kenny Atkinson for North East Danny Millar for Northern Ireland Shaun Rankin for South West James Sommerin for Wales Nigel Haworth for North West Tristan Welch for South East Jennie Bond makes all manner of totally inappropriate military-related metaphors (" The chefs' fight has reached the culmination of their campaign "; " Who'll be in the front line and who has fallen by the wayside? ") - I mean, the soldiers have actually been out there fight