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Scotch Egg Recipe (or Missing the Scotch Egg Challenge)

Last year I was lucky enough to be one of the judges at the inaugural Scotch Egg Challenge  held at the mighty Ship pub in Wandsworth. 2012's Scotch Egg Challenge was held last night, and fighting off strong competition, the Bladebone Inn took the first prize, the Hind's Head  came second, and the  Drapers Arms  (sister pub to last year's winner the Devonshire Arms), came third. Unfortunately, I had to miss this year's festivities, so this recipe is for me and anyone else out there who missed out and wants a piece of the eggy action themselves. The judges at last year's Scotch Egg Challenge - Eric Lanlard, Chris Pople, Mat Follas, me, and David Constable Note that this recipe will make two each of original Scotch Egg, Chorizo Scotch Egg and Black Pudding Scotch Egg. If you fancy just making the original flavour, just triple the quantity of sausage meat and leave out the other types of meat. Scotch Eggs Recipe Makes 6 eggs 6 eggs (Burford Browns h

Bacon and Egg Bread Tarts (Recipe)

Egg and Bacon Tarts So Sainsbury's contacts me.  They say, "Next month is Organic September - a month long promotion of organic food by the Soil Association - and to celebrate this, we'd love to send you a box of our seasonal goods from our SO Organic range for you to come up with some recipes". I think, "Meh, I do like a cookery challenge. All right then".  The allotted time and date arrives. There's a knock at the door, and a cheerful driver says, "Here's the delivery for Miss Bunty Fairweather*".  I think, "Eh?" and say, "Um, I am expecting a delivery, but my name's MiMi, not Bunty". He looks perplexed and shrugs.  I say, "Are they all organic products?" and he says, "Yes", and hands the goods over since the address is right and he doesn't really give a monkey's what my name is.  I put the bag on the kitchen table and empty its contents excitedly. So. There's milk,