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Guide to Burmese Food on Huffington Post

Fritter Seller in Mandalay 36 years ago today, my mother, father, and two brothers disembarked from a plane at Heathrow Airport. I was a stowaway, born four months later. As well as the anniversary of my family's arrival in the UK, today is also  Independence Day in Burma (aka Myanmar), marking 67 years since Burma left the British Empire*. To celebrate both these occasions, I'm delighted that the Huffington Post has given me the opportunity to talk to you about Burmese food, and share my tips for eating and drinking in Burma. Here's my Insider Food Guide to Myanmar - see also below for photos of all the various dishes which I describe in detail: Typical Burmese spread Mohinga , our national dish Mandalay Noodle Salad ( Mandalay Mohntee / Mont-Di ) Lahpet Thohk - Pickled Tea Leaves Salad Ngapi Yay-Jo with blanched vegetables - Similar to Bagna Cauda, Ngapi is Burma's lifeblood   Shan Tofu blocks and Fritters Tohu Nwa