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Seafood and Kimchi Noodles (RECIPE)

It's supposed to be Summer, so why are the gutters along my rooftop overflowing with rain? I'm cold, I'm miserable, and I want something to cheer me up.  I wander into the kitchen, and I get a pack of mixed seafood from the freezer, some kimchi from the fridge, a lime, some chives, a chilli, and a packet of udon.  I combine the lot with some vegetable broth and, in minutes, a magical broth is formed. Suddenly it doesn't seem so bad that the sun won't come out to play. Seafood and Kimchi Noodles Serves 2 500ml vegetable stock (I like Marigold bouillon) 400g fresh udon noodles (~ 2 packets) 300g mixed seafood (frozen or fresh, cooked or raw - you can just use prawns if you prefer) 1 tbsp caster sugar 1 tbsp good fish sauce (Three Crabs or Hung Thanh Phu Quoc) 4 tbsp kimchi, chopped ( easy recipe here  or buy ready-made) Handful of chives, chopped One lime, halved 1 red finger chilli, chopped (optional) Combine the stock with the sugar in a

My first book Noodle! (100 Great Recipes) is out today

NOODLE! by MiMi Aye A while ago, I was asked to write a book about noodles as part of a wonderful series called 100 Great Recipes published by Absolute Press .  I'm a bit of a noodle geek (though by no means an expert), and there's nothing I like more than sticking my face into a big bowl of the stuff, so my first thought was, "Amazing! I'd love to do this". However, I have a full-time job, so I ummed and ahhed for a while, thinking I wouldn't have the chance to work on it.  Then I decided that, as I was pregnant, I could just write the thing whilst I was on maternity leave.  This was a mistake. She tried to stop me writing this book, but failed. Roll forward a year, and after blood, sweat, tears and many, many sleepless nights, here we are - Noodle! * by me is out today. The dishes were styled by the wonderful Genevieve Taylor and stunning photos taken by Mike Cooper . Forgive me for quoting the official press release, but: Pop

Tarragon Sugared Doughnuts with Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream - A Recipe and a Lurpak Adventure

Tarragon Sugared Doughnuts and Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream I am contrary. If someone tells me to go left, I feel myself veering to the right (this is possibly why I don't drive, and you should all be grateful)*. So when Lurpak sent me a product from their new Cooks' Range - Lurpak Clarified Butter (or ghee as it's often known) with some tarragon and some pink peppercorns and then suggested I might use them to make a nice steak, my first thought was, "I don't think so". In fact, I'm contrary enough that I thought I'd make a dessert instead, and as any fule kno, I don't do puds (unless they're as ridiculously easy as the Burmese New Year snack known as mont lone yay paw ). So anyway, I sat staring at the wee tub of ghee and the little baggies of herbs, and I racked my brain and I came up with the following - Tarragon Sugared Doughnuts with Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream. It occurred to me that tarragon is sweet and fragra