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Burmese Chicken Curry and Cock Scratchings (Recipe)

Where's your self re-cocking-spect? Apparently people hate those posts where errant bloggers go, "I'm so sorry for being AWOL" or "So you're probably wondering where I've been". I'm just going to say I was ill which meant I stopped giving a shit, but now I'm back. Anyway. A Cock Tale The Ginger Pig is one of those semi-legendary butchers, and one fine day, they're kind enough to offer me one of their new 100 day French chickens to play with (cook, I mean. Not befriend. That would be weird). I can go for a cock or a pullet (Google those words, and an awful joke comes up which you can probably guess), and I choose the cock.  They then offer me a choice of prepared or intact - I've had cockscomb in salads before, and I love me some chicken feet, so I figure I can make good use of the extra bits, so  I say, "Bring it on".   Friday, my office doorbell rings and a nice chap appears with a beautiful ba