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Burmese Food on the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme today

S han Htamin Jin - A Shan-Burmese speciality which uses garlic in various different ways A few weeks ago, the BBC came to mine to talk about Garlic for the Food Programme - specifically its role in Shan Burmese cuisine. I cooked one of my favourite dishes - Shan Htamin Jin - Shan Sour Rice. I'm pleased to say I should be making my radio debut today, so catch me this afternoon at 3.30pm on the Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 . If you miss it, it will be on the podcast too. "Garlic" The Food Programme BBC Radio 4 Monday 18 February at 15:30 EDITED TO ADD: Now available on the podcast here HERE - it's the 20 Feb download entitled "Garlic the Wonder Bulb" and I'm on at about 22 minutes in. Me being interviewed by food journalist and broadcaster Richard Johnson for the BBC The finished dish Shan Htamin Jin - Shan Sour Rice