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Mont Lone Yay Paw Recipe for Thingyan - Burmese New Year Sweets

Mont Lone Yay Paw - Sweet Floating Rice Balls Burmese New Year begins this weekend - a week long Buddhist festival which is known as Thingyan in Burma aka Myanmar. Three of the signs that signify that Thingyan has begun are that people start chucking water at each other indiscriminately in the spirit of mischievous fun, the sunshine yellow padauk flowers are blossoming, and the sweet snack known as Mont Lone Yay Paw  (or mote lone yay paw ) is dished up to everyone. A traditional Burmese dessert, similar to Malaysia's onde onde , China's tangyuan and Indonesia's klepon (and, I suspect, influenced by all these) ,   mont lone yay paw is to Thingyan what plum pudding is to Christmas Day - ie if you're having a pud to celebrate the occasion, you wouldn't dream of serving up anything else. The name mont lone yay paw literally means "round snack on the water" in Burmese, as it's made by boiling up balls of r