Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Scraping the Barrel


This month's Glamour magazine sees journalism sink to an all-time low. And no, I'm not having a cheap dig at the expense of cover star Jordan aka Katie Price.

Hark at the wonder of this little beauty:


That's right, what do magazine staff REALLY EAT?

It's not a joke - here's the article entitled "What the Glamour staff really eat" (note the exciting change of emphasis)


So basically, the staff at Glamour went:

"Ooh, you know what we should write about? All the stuff we eat! Yeah, that will go down a storm. High five!"

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the very definition of scraping the barrel.


  1. Girl, keep ranting away! We need a champion to confront these endless tripes of silliness!

  2. I don't even read this mag but that makes me to want to read it just that leetle bit less....sounds about as interesting as cleaning the toilet..

  3. @Fat Les - I will battle onwards for all of us

    @Anne - Glamour's usually not too awful - and I subscribed to it years ago at a dirt-cheap price and never had the heart to cancel :)


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