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They've Arrived - Bags for Japan


Short, slightly over-excited note to say that I've now seen my Bags for Japan in real life!

They are brilliant (vain, I know), but they're also nice fabric and the print quality is great.


If you've ordered one, hopefully they'll arrive soon - and if you haven't got one yet, why ever not?

All proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross as before.

And look! now there are T-Shirts too (this time designed by my husband from photos he took) ...




Miss Whiplash said…
Greedy Diva said…
Great designs - well done, Mimi.
you know, the bags look really good, amazing design and photographs. They are good by themselves but considering that you do something good by buying them...
you are just brilliant! Love it!
meemalee said…
@Miss Whiplash - I am very glad it has arrived now :)

@Greedy Diva - Thank you, GD!

@Ute@HungryinLondon - Thank you Ute, that's really lovely of you to say!

@Fernandez & Leluu - So are you, Uyen! Film-maker and cookbook writer!
Sharmila said…
Ooh, I was with a very old school friend on Saturday and she had one of these bags, and it looked really great. She was so excited about them that she'd bought three!
mei said…
great idea and i love the bags! bought some presents for people who i know will love them.

one quick comment - it would be helpful if the buying page could go to its own window as it's a bit cumbersome to scroll down into your blog with every click as you're trying to shop and buy.

wonderful idea and great designs though. best of luck with them!
Brilliant! I've already had my robot tshirt. It is extremely bad-ass - very happy with it, thanks Mimi. PS where was the robot pic taken - it looks like a monster truck show or something? (it's the robot that looks like a Transformer)
meemalee said…
@Sharmila - Wow, cool! It's so exciting to think my little designs are out there!

@mei - Oh brill thanks! And I've edited the post to make the direct shop link clear - you're right, the embedded window isn't perfect :)

@Katy Salter - Hooray! Yeah, was a temporary installation in Tokyo to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Gundam - the robots that Transformers are based on. I wrote about it here :)