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Corney & Barrow Free Food Fail


*Pauses to catch breath*

A workmate of mine just came back to her desk happily wielding a brown paper bag. "Corney & Barrow are handing out free food!" she said, and I immediately pelted full speed down there - sometimes there is such a thing as a free lunch and I literally have no shame.

Alas, despite me doing a credible impression of Matt LeBlanc in the Heinz Ketchup ad, when I arrived, there was nobody there anymore *sob*

Anyway, turns out our local branch of C&B has begun doing a (very) small range of take-away salad boxes, presumably to offset the dearth of City workers having long, boozy lunches.

My workmate received a free Salmon Niçoise to try, which was good though skimpy on the salmon - and personally I don't agree with not using tuna.

They're also offering the old faithful Chicken Caesar and a Superfood Salad (with beetroot, quinoa and similar whatnot).

It all sounds lovely in principle, but the prices are on the high side for a take-out lunch - that Salmon Niçoise would normally cost £6.95.

Luckily, my workmate also received a voucher for a free glass of Pimms with her next salad, which might make the cost a little easier to bear.

As for me, it was probably for the best - I got some exercise, and I'm meant to be on a diet anyway ...

Me running for free food was even more impressive than this:


Dennis K. said…
Ha! Thanks for the good laugh.. :)
Anonymous said…
brilliant. I love the fact that he has never ever stopped looking 80s. Ever. What a legend!
meemalee said…
@Dennis K - you're very welcome :)

@gastrogeek - who doesn't love Matt LeBlanc?

Except the people who cancelled "Joey" maybe ...