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Revamped meemalee's kitchen


I've been AWOL recently, designing a new banner for meemalee's kitchen.

It represents many of the foods I love, and also fugu. No particular reason, I just like puffer fish.

Hubby drew the fugu, I drew the rest and did all the colours (Photoshop rocks).

You may have noticed that I've changed the colour scheme too ...

Hope you like it!


KirkK said…
Hi meemalee - I like the's really cute!
Dennis K. said…
I LUV IT! Do you know Pichon-kun? He's my favorite mascot ever..
An air-conditioner condensation droplet.
Anyway great job!
meemalee said…
@ Kirk - Cute was exactly what I was aiming for, so thank you!

@ Dennis K - Thank you (*^^*)

I didn't know Pichon-kun but he does look like my fugu - very kawaii!

My husband actually based the fugu on Konata from Lucky Star, heh