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Oysters with Shallot & Raspberry Vinegar (Recipe)


So straight after my battle with razor clams, I went on to tussle with the oysters I'd got from See Woo.

As mentioned before, you can store live oysters for a couple of days wrapped in a wet teatowel in the fridge.

However, I had no intention of keeping these little beauties.

To prep them, I used a shucking kit from Habitat for the oysters - works like an absolute dream - and I had them raw with some shallot & raspberry vinegar.


    Oysters with Shallot & Raspberry Vinegar

    Mince the shallot or onion finely and then mix with a few good glugs of the vinegar.

    Open the oysters by using a shucking kit as I did :

    1. wedge the oyster into the wooden oyster clamp;
    2. dig into the lip of the oyster with the oyster knife; and
    3. wiggle the knife all round the edge of the oyster.

    They should open up quite easily.


    If you don't have a shucking kit, you can improvise by wrapping each oyster in a tea towel and prising their shells open with a stubby knife.

    Careful though - my brother slashed open his palm using this technique and ended up needing stitches ...

    For full instructions and a "how to shuck an oyster" vid, see the BBC Good Food Guide.


    Place the opened oysters on a plate or oyster platter and serve with the shallot vinaigrette (or Tabasco and a squeeze of lemon juice if you fancy, or even some poncy French oyster vinegar like in the bottle above).

    Remember to chew!


    "Yum, yum, pig's bum" as my mother-in-law says for reasons I do not fully comprehend


    Anonymous said…
    Are you psychic Meemalee?! How do you seem to know ALL MY FAVOURITE FOODS? It's uncanny I tell you. (Love that oyster dish)
    meemalee said…
    Wish I was psychic, R!

    D'you mean the brown platter? Picked that up for 50p in a charity shop :)