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Quick Scallop Linguine (Recipe)


Despite stuffing myself at Taste of London, by the time I got home I was famished again.

Luckily, I'd returned with the fixings for an awesome supper.

With the King Scallops bought off Taste Waitrose and the parsley pilfered from the French Flair Theatre, I was dying to make some seafood linguine.

Sadly, said scallops had already made their presence known by deciding to leak into my rucksack, but hubby got rid of the stench by lobbing the rucksack into the garden, a quick if short-term solution.

However, thankfully the scallops themselves were fat, juicy and fresh, with glossy orange corals intact.


Gordon Ramsay suggests removing the corals (the scallop roe) and baking them on a low heat to then crumble over dishes as a savoury topping.

This is a nice idea if you're stupid enough to remove the corals in the first place.

Personally I think to do so is sacrilege because (a) they're beautiful and (b) they're delicious - creamy and intense, a little like ankimo (monkfish liver - dubbed Japanese foie gras).

Next you'll be telling me you prefer white meat.

Serves 2 greedy people

Scallop Linguine
  • 10 scallops
  • 10 baby plum or cherry tomatoes
  • Handful of chopped flat leaf parsley
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 200g linguine
Clean the scallops but do not remove the corals.

Halve the tomatoes and slice the garlic thinly.

In a wok or shallow saucepan, heat the oil and fry the garlic lightly. Next add the tomatoes and fry until soft.

Meanwhile boil the linguine, drain (reserving a little of the cooking water) and set aside.


Add the scallops to the pan of tomatoes and garlic and cook through until firm.

Now fling in the parsley and then the linguine and toss the whole lot together. If it's too dry, add the reserved pasta cooking water.

Serve immediately with plenty of salt and pepper sprinkled on top.



Kavey said…
I am yearning for scallops and it's still MORNING! ;)
meemalee said…
Probably best to wait till after 12 :-p