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10 Photos - My First Meme

My first meme! I have no idea how to pronounce the word!

Seriously though, Dennis K of A Radiused Corner - My Internet Bento Box threw down the gauntlet to me to come up with my 10 favourite food photos - that is to say, photos pertaining to food that I have taken with my own fair hands.

And I'm so over-excited that it's only taken me a week to come up with my top ten (unlike Dennis who took a year ... heh).

So in no particular order we have:

Taste of London 2007: One-o-One's Oyster




Kaiseki: Otsukuri





Sadly, I need to dash as I have a plane to catch to Osaka!

In the meantime, see if you can work out where these were taken and what they're of (it's like sudoku but better).

I'll provide full caption on my return.

Back in two weeks, love you all ...


Fat Les said…
Hey Mee, have a splendid time in Japan, best leave the Blue Fin!

NB The first pic is ace!
Dennis K. said…
Somebody likes oysters and noodles!! ;) Thanks for sharing meemalee! I can't figure out what's the last image but it looks really good. Hope you have a great trip. A phrase I hear a lot from Osaka is kuidaore Eat Till You Hi Bottom!!
KirkK said…
Wonderful photos Meemalee! I'm an oyster lover too! ;o)
Anonymous said…
Hope your flight was pleasant. Loved the pictures! And I'm another oyster lover, so of course I especially liked those!
Anonymous said…
I hope you are having an absolute Wail of a time out there! I cannot wait to hear all about it. These photos are all pretty amazing, think the top one is my fave! We must go out for an oyster binge when you're back.
meemalee said…

Yeah, I didn't notice how many oyster pictures got in there :)

I'll add captions in a bit ...