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One Lovely Blog Award

If you're in blogging for the money, frankly you're in the wrong business (unless you're Perez Hilton).

Praise for a blogger is even more precious than financial reward, but unlike filthy lucre, it's achievable - even for a newbie like me.

For, yes, I'm delighted and honoured to receive the One Lovely Blog Award from the equally lovely fran39 from A Taste of Tottenham.

fran39 blogs all things food from her corner of north London and I adore her wonderful recipes made from home-grown ingredients - she writes with love and humour and her blog is the perfect pick-me-up.

Why did she pick me as one of her winners? Well, in Fran's own words:

"meemalee's kitchen is a riotous mix of pertinent foody comment and astonishing recipes: what she does with goosegogs is everybody's business."

Before I start rolling around in compliments like a horse in hay, I guess I better pass this award on to my own list of winners. In no particular order, these are:

knit one bake too

To knit or to bake, that is the question - knit one bake too is written by Lou, a uni friend of mine, and is a brilliant mix of foodie and knitting exploits. Lou also happens to be a home economist who's worked with the likes of Jun Tanaka and Antony Worrall Thompson.

A Radiused Corner - My Internet Bento Box

"A thick-slice of Toasted Japanese Shokupan, pair of Dice, Old Macs and New iPods, a 99-Cent Store Voltmeter with spare 9-Volt Battery.. Square Watermelons. They all coincide here in the many radiused corners of my internet bento box". Dennis K's fun blog covers all manner of deliciousness with brilliant photos and though he will tackle every kind of cuisine you can imagine, his speciality is Japanese food and in this regard he is my sensei.


To quote the Independent, self-confessed food geek and crab-killer Regina is "a future blogging star". She only began earlier this year "to stop boring her friends and family about breakfast, lunch and dinner", but her writing is so professional and wickedly witty that she'll keep you entertained to the end. She also watches the same TV programmes as me - what's not to love?


Bellaphon or bellaphoney or bellaphonogram - despite Fat Les's attempts to shake me by changing his blog's name repeatedly, I still track him down daily to read his awesome restaurant reviews, accompanied by great pictures and even a photo of every bill. Now that's attention to detail.


As in, yoso-silly, yoso-hungry, yoso-full, or best of all; mmm-delici-yoso!!!!! An Ex-Pat Kama'aina and Friends explore food in San Diego and points beyond. This collaborative blog, led by Kirk K, has the most droolsome restaurant reviews and recipes ever. Also, they post like, everyday, an amazing feat which ensures my loyalty.

Kavey Eats

Kavey's passions are food, travel and photography - a serendipitous trio, given how well they combine - and she writes eloquently on all these subejcts. Kavey also maintains Mamta's Kitchen - a wonderful online Indian recipe book with authentic family recipes by her mother.

Blue Lotus

Amy is a Canadian girl who writes about life in exotic suburban Tokyo. She mainly blogs about food - both eating and cooking - but also about Japanese culture, and I've learnt a lot about the Land of the Rising Sun from her fantastic posts.

These seven awardees must now follow the rules listed below to “officially” receive the award:

1. Post about the award and/or add the logo to your blog.
2. Link to the person from whom you’ve received the award.
3. Nominate seven blogs of your choice.
4. Leave a message on the nominees’ blogs telling them of their win.

And before I forget - thanks again, fran39!


Fat Les said…
Hey Mee, thanks again.
Dennis K. said…
Congrats meemalee and thanks for passing on the good karma this way!!! Cheers.
Anonymous said…
But I thought you hated me?! Are you high?

In the words of Phil Collins, But Seriously. (Thank you!!) x
Kavey said…
Thanks Mee!
KirkK said…
Hey meemalee - Thanks so much...we're honored!
meemalee said…
Guys - you're all fantastic and I just wanted you to know that :)
Louise said…
ooh thanks MiMi, I'm very flattered! My poor old blog has been a bit neglected while I've been on the road recently, but here begins a new chapter. I *will* post more :)
meemalee said…
@Louise - I see you're the last to acknowledge the award.

I guess you're punishing me for forgetting to mention you were on Total Wipeout :)
Kitchens said…
nice and such a lovely blog..