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Greta Scacchi - Too Fond of Fish (possibly NSFW)

Gilliam at least looks embarrassed

I've been incommunicado for various reasons, but something has finally roused me from my blogging torpor.

I was flicking through this month's copy of delicious. when I read that actress Greta Scacchi has teamed up with Japanese restaurant Soseki and various other celebs to save the bluefin tuna as well as other piscine beasties.

delicious cover1

The main focus of the campaign is to encourage us to boycott restaurants which don't serve fish from sustainable sources.

That's all well and good, but how will the lovely Greta achieve her laudable aims?


Answer? By posing naked with a fish.

It's all right though, apparently the cod isn't dead - though it's probably gasping however quickly the photographer Rankin claims to work.
(Bellaphon assures me the cod is an ex-fish and I believe him)

Yep, I bet Nobu are quivering in their boots.

Now this poster campaign has been knocking around for a good while, but I've never really looked at the pictures before.

And you know what happens when I look too closely at things.


In case it needs spelling out:

- she's rubbing a dead fish against her lady-thatch!

And where for the love of God is its tail going???


Greta has been quoted as saying "The first round of images are very striking - weird, witty, very saucy and some sensual"

*double shudder*

I guess Greta's little ploy works though, because frankly it's put me off eating fish altogether.

Anyway, if you too would like to be immortalised as a fish-loving pervert, you can apply to pose for Rankin here.

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Photos 1, 4 copyright Rankin

Photos 2, 3 copyright delicious. magazine


Fat Les said…
Chokingly funny post M!

Pinch of salt with the cod being alive though, if the heat of the camera lights is enough to make certain things droop unfavorably then it doesn't take much to see what it does to a fish out of water!
meemalee said…
See, I thought that it must be dead, but I'd read in several places that the photo-shoot fish was still alive.

Liars, the lot of them.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear oh dear. That's seriously weird! Lovely to see you the other day. So glad you're back :D
Louise said…
Of course! Promote sustainability by killing a load of fish, posing with it in a decidedly unsexy way and then chuck it in the bin. Genius!(don't try and tell me they carved them up after the shoot and made use of every part for a series of tasty meals)

umm, do I lower the tone and say it out loud?... I'm sure it's the least of your worries if you're made to strip off and pose with scary looking sea beasts, but a good waxing session first wouldn't have gone amiss...
meemalee said…
@gastrogeek - I cannot fathom the motivation behind it :S

@Louise - Hezackly