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The Obligatory Tsukiji Market Post

I do not approve

Tsukiji! We made it!

On our first two trips to Japan, hubby and I totally failed to visit Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market, partly due to sheer laziness (come on, you had to get there for 5 am for chrissakes) and partly due to contrariness because everyone said we ABSO. LUTELY. HAD. TO. GO.

But when folk we knew began to make out like we were some kind of losers who didn't really like food, something finally snapped inside me and we went.

At half-six that is - a girl needs her beauty sleep.


Soooo we missed the famous tuna auctions, but I didn't care to watch anyway (and no, Greta Scacchi did not influence me in anyway), and there was still plenty to see.

Mainly six foot tall gaijin with big hair and freaking enormous SLRs.

I jest, there was also a lot of fish.

I want to drive one of these things

I guess it was kind of cool looking at all the different creatures, and it was really cool that my cousin acted as a guide for us (he speaks fluent Japanese and used to work as a sushi chef).

However, it was obvious that we were just getting in everyone's way and to be honest we were glad to leave.

I don't even want to know what's in that bucket

So would I go again? Nuh-huh. The smell of blood and guts alone will stay with me for a long time.

Oh, and sushi for breakfast is not a good idea, but I'll save that for another post.

Anyway, here's my fishy picspam for your delectation:

Tako aka octopus

Ika aka squiddy

More octopodeys

Unagi aka eel

Big freaking clams - seriously, these mothers were bigger than my head

Uni aka sea urchin

Red snapper

Little squiddy

Terrifying whelk-like monsters

Some type of bream?

I have no idea

Spider crabs a-bubbling

Ama-ebi aka sweet shrimp eaten raw on sushi

I don't know what the hell these are, but I ate one ...

Ready to eat kabayaki eel like what you get on unadon, innit?


KirkK said…
Hey meemalee - This post actually makes me very hungry.......
Dennis K. said…
Hi meemalee, I thought tsukiji was the least fishy smelling fish market I've been to! My tsukiji photos are unfortunately gone due to a break in and my iMac being stolen last year.. it included my best friend's wedding photos in Japan. Laptops for me now.
Cool post, I would love to visit Japan. But disappointing that you didn't even try to re-create that Greta pic by hugging one of those tuna!
What lovely vivid pics!! Reminds me of our trip last year. We did have sushi for breakfasts - twice! Once before we enter the Market and once after seeing all the seafood. We just couldn't resist.

Pei - teanamu eat.drink.tea
Anonymous said…
Wow, you are hardcore getting up that early! I never made there once, the whole time I was there and am so glad you wrote this post, because everyone since has made me feel like the scourge of the human race for not wanting to get up at 5am to look at fish. You've confirmed my suspicions that I wouldn't have enjoyed it that much either. Phew! :D
meemalee said…
@KirkK - Really? But it all looks so gross and squishy :)

@Dennis K - Oh that's harsh about your pc - sorry! I didn't think Tsukiji was fishy, just bloody-smelling.

@TheFastestIndian -You should do. And re Greta, like that was going to happen.

@gastrogeek - Yes! Someone lazier than me!

@vincent - Cheers!