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Bacon is Good for Me

I cannot stop watching this truly beautiful video (found via @robmanuel at b3ta). How wonderful is this kid?

Some of Curtis's gems:

"I want my bacon. I got to tell you something. Bacon is good for me".
"She's the queen, and we're the sorry people".
"Joy, I have been nice to you, but now I'm coming to the edge".
"She's gonna try to stop me but she can't run in those little high heels".

I wish UK's Wife Swap was this good.

Talking of bacon and America, I just found out that we can now get the almghty US invention Baconnaise over here.

I'm getting me some, cos bacon is good for me.


gastrogeek said…
"you'll never see this face again!!" I know how he feels
Kavey said…
Haaaaaaa haaa!
meemalee said…
I can't work out how old Curtis is - I mean he's tiny but talks like a grown-up!
Signe said…'re a woman after my own heart! After the Amazing Okonomiyaki Club you should start a Baconnaise club ;)
Dav J Clarke said…
That boy is made of strong stuff!

...and bacon.
Dave J Clarke said…
"King Curtis" is 7 years old according to
meemalee said…
@Signe - I'm eagerly awaiting my ordered package of Baconnaise

@Dave - Heh, thanks for confirming his tininess :)
Anonymous said…
Hi there! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form? I'm using the same blog platform as yours and I'm having trouble finding one? Thanks a lot!
meemalee said…
@Anonymous - Hi, sorry, I don't know. But there's a setting on Blogger which lets you add word verification which is similar.