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Autumn Squashes


Clockwise from top left - Spaghetti Squash, Harlequin, Munchkin, Onion
(also Butternut, not pictured)

There is an absolutely wonderful abundance of all things squash-like at the moment.

I've treated myself to the ones shown above, but there are many more different varieties available.

I'm now going to rack my brains and the interwebs for some tasty, squashey things to concoct.

And if you have any suggestions, please drop me a line below.



Ooo- squash-tastic!
I also seem to have a pumpkin and I'm quite intrigued by this pancake recipe
Margit said…
I've got the same problem. In fact I've already chopped my huge pumpkin into small bits and am now very keen to get moving on...?
chumbles said…
I am sooo jealous of your abilities with a camera. I don't know what varieties, but the Valentine Warner bit on Saturday Kitchen featured them and the Times has a great variety of recipes:
meemalee said…
@TheFastestIndian - Cool, I never heard of a pumpkin pancake.

@Margit - If in doubt, soup is always good :)

@chumbles - Thank you! I need to get a proper camera though - I went out with some other bloggers last night and some of their SLRs put me and my point-and-shoot to shame. Thanks for the recipe link :)