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PURE EVIL II - The Perfect Christmas Gift!

A PEII_Poster

Over the last five years, my husband, friends and I have been making a feature-length spoof horror film called "Pure Evil: The House of Unnatural Darkness Pt II".

Inspired by George Romero's Dead series, as well as the Evil Dead Series and Braindead, early low-budget horrors by the directors Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson, Pure Evil II has seen my house abused in every way imagineable, including being drenched in (fake) blood.

Don't be alarmed though - Pure Evil II is much more reminiscent of Shaun of the Dead than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

And though it's not a professional film, the soundtrack was composed and recorded by members of the film team and is completely awesome.


To celebrate finally completing the movie, on Halloween we rented a small cinema for a public screening. This is why I bothered to dress up this year.

60 of our nearest and dearest were invited to the Charity World Premiere of Pure Evil II - with all proceeds going to the MS Society (a cast member's mother has multiple sclerosis).
The screening went down fairly well, though it was mortifying seeing my face blown up to such immense proportions.

No-one walked out though, so that's got to be good.

Anyway, it's now possible for you to get hold of your own copy of Pure Evil II on DVD as the perfect Christmas present for yourself or a loved one!

Once again, all proceeds from the DVD sales go to charity - this time to Save the Children. We're asking for just £5 per DVD with FREE post and packaging - woo! Sorry, but we can only deliver within the UK at present. Last orders for Christmas by Monday 14 December.
To buy a copy of this cinematic marvel, go to
Leave your name and address in the message field (this will not be displayed) and I'll post it to you ASAP. Thanks!

More photos of the Pure Evil II Premiere here.

Pure Evil II Trailer:


Anonymous said…
incroyable. I want to see this!
meemalee said…
@gastrogeek - Show me the money, Rej. Show me the money.
Food Urchin said…
Gastrogeek, you can get a copy off me for £20!

PS MiMi, the word verification prompt for leaving this comment is testolix, that is just wrong.
meemalee said…
@Food Urchin - Have you even watched it yet? You spoony bard.

PS Bellaphon's is worse - it once asked me to type in the word "vagful"