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Announcing the Girls' Steak Club


We interrupt our normal schedule for a guest post from A Scot in London:

"There is a very strange thing in Anglo-Saxon culture that would be worthy of in depth anthropological study and that is the gender assignation given to food. If you are not sure what I mean then look at the number of food reviews describing food as macho, separating men from boys, butch, etc etc. Almost everyone writing in English is at it.

Personally I blame Anthony Bourdain and the like. At some point chefs decided they were pirates and that cutting meat was akin to hoisting petards. Well I’m sorry boys, you don’t swash buckles, you chop onions and last time I looked it wasn’t the same thing.

The losers in this, as always, are the women, as anything a man decided he liked became macho. So it is with steak.

We – me and a few n’er do wells on Twitter- have decided it was time that this imbalance in our culture was redressed and that a new phenomenon of women meeting for steak and martini, as opposed to afternoon tea and cakes, needs to be created.

The inauguration of the London Chapter of the Girls' Steak Club will take place on Tuesday 2nd Feb Hawksmoor Steakhouse 157 Commercial Street E1 6BJ

The meat Hawksmoor serves is the reason men made steak macho.

The menu is below and is £40 per head with a sitting at 7pm and another one at 7.30pm.

Apart from an initial martini, drinks are separate leaving you free to have your choice of cocktail, wine or anything else.



Tamworth Belly Ribs
Chargrilled squid with capers, shallots and watercress

Rib-eye (400g)
Bone-in Sirloin

Selection of sides

Please phone 020 7247 7392 to book mentioning you are booking for The Girls' Steak Club.

If you are a disgruntled envious man reading this you are catered for in style the night before at a Boys Eat Beef organised by Simon Majumdar of Dos Hermanos. Please contact him for details via his website

The Girls' Steak Club. All the meat you can eat."

NOTE: You may get an answermachine saying that the restaurant is closed for refurbishment. You can still book by leaving a message with the following details:
  • you are booking for Girls Steak Club,
  • the sitting you want to attend - 7 or 7.30pm,
  • your name,
  • your contact number,
  • your email address
You can also email this information to


Anonymous said…
Hourrah, long life to the Girls' Steak Club
Horray! Wish I'm in London to join in.
scandilicious said…
Have completely forgotten about Girls' Steak Club!! Crap, must see if I can still book....thanks for the reminder :)
meemalee said…
@MathildeCuisine - First it was PigFest, next it's Steak Club!

@The Cooking Ninja - You should set up a local chapter :)

@Scandilicious - You better book or Rachel will kill you :p