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Burmese Cats - A Hundred Posts


It's my 100th post! To celebrate, I'm ramping up the cute factor with a few Burmese cats.

By "Burmese cats", I don't mean Burmese cats, although maybe some of them are, because I can't really tell them apart.

By "Burmese cats", I don't mean
Birmans aka the Sacred Cat of Burma - incidentally, wtf? We're not ancient Egyptians. We don't worship cats.

Nope, I'm just showcasing some cute little fluffy kitty-cats from Burma (although that third one below looks a bit evil to me).

Feel free to imagine your own lolcat captions.







Kavey said…
Can I haz jarzan hinga? lol

(OK, OK, I confess, I had to google for Burmese dishes)
meemalee said…
@Kavey - Whoa there! I was well impressed for a millisecond :)
Katy said…
This may sound strange - but I wonder what is the connection here: we were on holiday in Tenerife back in August and near our hotel and in fact anywhere in the area, the cats we saw looked like these - small frame, slim (although may to do with the climate), but distinguishly the narrow long face - it's definitely got that 'oriental' look. Not something I expect to see in Tenerife, and we did wonder where they came from...hmmm
franmouse39 said…
Heavenly cats...congrats on your 100th meemalee, and here's to the next century!
BribedwithFood said…
Third one from top definitely looks evil.
Not as evil as the spider, but still evil.

Happy 100th!
Kake said…
Happy century!
meemalee said…
@fran39 - Thank you! You're only six off your own 100th :)

@BribedwithFood - Cats are sly - thank you x

@Kake - Thanks Kake - and long may the Randomness Guide to London live!
KirkK said…
Hi meemalee - Congrats on you milestone!
meemalee said…
@Kirk - Thanks Kirk! I've got a way to go before I catch up with you though :)
Mardi Michels said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitties :) And yes, most cats in Burma were very feral looking (even the Jumping Cats!) so the lovely ones at the Sanctuary were a treat!