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With Apologies to Wogan


Without wishing to offend the myriad fans of the marvellous Sir Terry Wogan aka his TOGS (Terry's Old Geezers and Gals), I kind of wish this headline wasn't just metaphorical.

(More on Terry Wogan versus Chris Evans here


Suz said…
That would be hilarious if it were literal, though of course I'd be gutted if Old Tel died.

Poor old Chris. I'll admit, I don't listen much, save for the quick burst that wakes me with my alarm radio(several quick bursts - I loves me some snooze button pressing). I have noticed that Chris is much louder than Terry, mind you. Aw, I feel really bad for him.

I'll have a whirl at listening tomorrow.
goodshoeday said…
Quite how anyone could bear to wake up towwogan is beyond me but hey what do I know ;0
meemalee said…
@Suzler - Heaven forbid Sir Terry pop his clogs any time soon!

I used to love Chris Evans's radio show when I was at school (plus I liked TGI Friday). He once read out a poem of mine!

@goodshoeday - But his voice is so warm and lovely ...
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