Saturday, 13 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Quest begins

I am
not paying £17.50 for one cinema ticket.

However, though I may not get round to seeing the Alice in Wonderland film, I did pay a visit to the Alice in Wonderland Pop-Up Shop.

I'd been to Claire's Accessories where they stocked a range of Alice gifts, and had bought myself a cute little White Rabbit brooch and a Cheshire Cat satchel.

Time can be funny in dreams

When I'd paid, the girl gave me a key and told me to go to their pop-up Alice's shop for a special surprise.

So the next day, I trotted off to Maddox Street and this is what I found ...

Meemalee in Wonderland

Alice'sThis way to Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland

Alice herself ...

Cake tower

Wonderland treats

Red Queen purse

I swapped my key for the real thing ...


A wall of locked doors greeted me - my key fit one of them and I claimed my special surprise ...

Magic key

And then I joined the Mad Hatter's Tea Party for a lovely cake and a nice cup of tea ...

What's behind the door?Tea Party Waitress

Cake tower

Glittery tea

My cupcake

Strawberry tree

But soon it grew late and it was time to go ...

I'm late

Through the tunnel

My magical prize

My prize

The Alice in Wonderland Pop-Up Shop "Alice's" was a temporary installation set up by Claire's Accessories at 18 Maddox Street, London from 26th February - 5th March 2010. See for more details.


  1. How wonderful! :)

    (I'm feeling verbose today.)

  2. @Suzler - Me too (didja notice?). Heh :)

  3. Very cute meemalee..... BTW, is that really the price of a cinema ticket in your neck of the woods?

  4. Wow, I love love love your white rabbit brooch. I sooo want one.

    I balk at paying £9 for a cinema ticket let alone £17.50! How on earth are they justifying that price???

  5. Those pictures tell the story of your rabbit-hole journey so well, you almost don;t need to say anything at all. Wow.

  6. @I heart cupcakes - I was lucky!

    @KirkK - I wanted to go to the big Odeon in Leicester Square (the one where all the premieres are held) and it charges minimum £15 - the extra £2.50 was a 3D glasses surcharge!

    @Kavey - Isn't it cute? Re tickets - I don't know esp since DVDs and Blu-Rays are getting cheaper and cheaper.

    @The Grubworm - Thank you xx

  7. Oh how fantastic. I bet it was quite magical wasn't it? Youcaptured it very well with your photos MiMi.

    Were you excited?

  8. We went to see Alice in Wonderland at the new cinema at Westfield. Was £25 for two of us, and we chose the VIP seats (better for those with larger bottoms!) and the glasses were free. Highly recommend going there to see it - it was fabulous!
    MUST go to Claires to check out their Alice in Wonderland range - Disney store I visited had nothing at all. I am now slightly obsessed with the movie and NEED to buy things!

  9. great pics, that looks like a particularly trippy shopping expedition which I guess was the look they were going for ;)

    JONESTRUFAX - I bought that exact same 'magical prize' a few months ago as part of my Medallion Man outfit when I went to a 70s party. I'm not proud of that, just saying.

  10. @The Ample Cook - Oh, I loved it! Especially opening the locked door - I had to stick my hand into gauzey netting to pull out my prize :)

    @I heart cupcakes - £12.50 each is more bearable, but I remember when a ticket to the flicks was £5, £2.50 matinees (though I guess that was 15 years ago!)

    Yeah, it's really odd how the Disney store isn't stocking the range at all. I think maybe it's because this Alice is a bit more "adult", so the merchandising deal is with Claire's instead.

    @Jones - It was properly trippy. Did you really buy that pendant? Brilliant - you know you can open it and stick pot pourri or something in it :)

  11. Lovely photos lady, through the looking glass indeed :-)

  12. Your photos and the blog are spot on as usual. What is really rather wonderful is how all the staff in the photos are smiling! And that's not common nowadays! Thank you for bringing a piece of magic to blogdom.

  13. Looks brilliant... I heard about this pop up shop but wasn't able to visit. Great pictures!

  14. @scandilicious @chumbles @Sarah:

    Thank you - I was so lucky to find out about it!


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