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Look Ma, I wasn't making it all up ...


Anyway folks, I'm off to Iceland for a bit.

No, seriously.



sasasunakku said…
Really!? Safe trip and have fun!
Michelle said…
Please continue to blog!!! I am going to miss your GBM blogs, unless you can watch it there. Waaaahhhhh :-(((
chumbles said…
Really? Iceland as in ash clouds (not the shop) - if so make sure you get back safely and enjoy!
Carol said…
Have a fantastic trip!
You have clearly photoshopped yourself into that picture- I believe that is actually the body of Gregg Wallace.
Hope you're having a lovely time! :-)
KirkK said…
Hey Meemalee - Have a great trip.... I can't wait to read all about it!
meemalee said…
@sasasunakku - It was amazing, thanks!

@Michelle Peters-Jones - Awww, Michbot! I'd kinda forgotten about GBM. Where are we? Is it over??

@chumbles @Carol @KirkK - Thanks guys! It was brilliant!

@TheFastestIndian - My husband also claims it looks really Photoshopped :p