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Book for Burmese Night at The Wild Garlic

The Wild Garlic (logo)

People have always told me I can cook. Even if they've laughed at the fact that I can't swim, drive or ride a bike.

I mean, look at my graduation yearbook entry, written almost a decade ago (maybe ignore the bit about Ann Widdecombe):

Meemalee's Graduation Yearbook Entry

I've dabbled in most cuisines, but unsurprisingly the one that is closest to my heart is Burmese food (been trying to write a Burmese cookbook for years, remember?).

Of course, no-one's ever had the chance to try my cooking except close friends and family.

Until now.

Because for one night only, I'm taking over The Wild Garlic, the highly acclaimed Dorset restaurant of Chef Patron Mat Follas, winner of MasterChef 2009 and all-round good guy who has kindly decided to take a chance on me.

Friday 1st October is the date for my pop-up Burmese restaurant - the menu is yet to be finalised, but it will be authentic Burmese cuisine. It may or may not feature century eggs.

Book now on 01308 861 446.

Hope to see some of you there so you can judge for yourself ...

The Wild Garlic - Inside the Restaurant

Meemalee's Pop-up
Friday 1 October 2010

The Wild Garlic
4 The Square
Dorset DT8 3AS
01308 861 446


im booked, can't wait!
Ollie said…
Great stuff MiMi - good luck!
franmouse39 said…
Wonderful MiMi - will definately try to be there. Still ambivulent about the eggs though...
The Ample Cook said…
I would LOVE to come, but realistically I think location will be a problem.

I think thi is so exciting MiMi.

Go girl!
Oh I think that I can do it as it is ony 10 miles or so from Ed's parents' house!

Lots of foodies opportunites around there is people are making a weekend of it.

The Smokery at Hambridge is a must!
chumbles said…
Well done, MiMi. I'd love to have been there, but I can't take that day off and I'd need to to be able to get there. :-(

Never mind, enjoy it as much as you can and I look forward to the feedback (so to speak!)
Mr Noodles said…
Good luck! And good on Mat for letting you do a kitchen takeover. Would love to come but I'm partying in Manchester that weekend.
Kavey said…
Only a handful of tables left so anyone wanting to join those of us who JUMPED all over this as soon as it was announced better get their arse in GEAR!

It's going to be THE pop up of the year!
If I could effect a kitchen escape that far from home I would be there.Re: the Ann Widdecombe thing,I would view that as a compliment(political views aside).
Good luck!
Rose said…
Wow! Congrats! I have never had Burmese food I wish I could be there to try it! I can't wait to see the results on your blog though!
meemalee said…
@Lost in the Larder - Hooray!

@Ollie - Thanks Ollie - I'll need it!

@fran39 - I'll make a special dish just for you

@The Ample Cook - Thanks Jan! If I do it again, it'll be closer to home x

@Helen (Fuss Free Flavours) - Would love to see you there!

@chumbles - Another time perhaps :)

@Mr Noodles - He's a legend, isn't he? Enjoy Manchester!

@Kavey - *blushes* Thank you x

@Northern Snippet - Re Anne Widdecombe - really???

@Rose - Thank you, Rose!
Mer said…
yay! I'm gutted we can't make it! Hopefully Matt will be kind enough to let you do it again so we have an excuse to stay in the area and go to his place twice. :)
PDH said…
This is awesomes MiMi, just remember your mis en place and you'll be fine! Everything is a bit up in the air at the mo but if there is space on the inevitable blogger bus from London I'd love to come along.
meemalee said…
@Mer - Haha, I hope he's not already regretting it :)

@Paul aka Pavel Le Bouche - It's all about the meez, innit.

Blogger bus? Hells no!
Louise said…
Congrats MiMi - so exciting!! You know who to call if you need a home ec to help out with the prep ;)
meemalee said…

Thanks Louise - I'm so excited!

And yes, I have you on speed-dial if I need you x