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The Wild Garlic this Friday - Burmese Night


Back in June, I told you all that the lovely Mat Follas (MasterChef winner 2009) was allowing me to take over his restaurant in Dorset.

That time is finally approaching - this Friday, with the help of Mat and his brilliant crew, I will be cooking a Burmese feast for 40 diners at
the Wild Garlic.

The menu is a secret, but one of the ingredients I will be using is pictured above.

Mr Follas and me

You can read more about my forthcoming Burmese night on Foodies South West.


Congrats and good luck Mimi - that's so exciting.

The Grubworm said…
Good luck - this is very exciting! I expect you to have the whole crew shouting "Chef, yes chef!" at every command ;)

PS - loving the veg (what are they?)
Gourmet Butcher said…
Good luck - Hope all goes well!!!
meemalee said…
@Salty - Thanks - it is!

@The Grubworm - Oh don't - they're the professionals, not me!

Guess what they are ;)

@Gourmet Butcher - Thank you!
chumbles said…
Good luck me dear and well done!
knit nurse said…
Cristophene/chayote/chocho. I'll be interested to find out what you do with them as they are easy to get here but my past efforts have been very bland and uninspiring.
OOh good luck.They look a bit like vegetable pears but those ones look really perfect almost like a green version of a Salvatore Dali lip sofa!
meemalee said…
@chumbles - Thanks Mr C!

@knit nurse - Got it in one (or three!)

@Northern Snippet - That's another name for them. Someone said they look like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors ;)
bron said…
Have fun while you work hard Mimi. Am sure you'll be brilliant.

In Oz they're called choko - love them fried in lard and ginger...
The Ample Cook said…
Good luck MiMi!

I'm sure it will be a success. Wish I could be there. x
meemalee said…
@bron - Thanks Bron! Lard and ginger? Blimey - sounds rather good.

@The Ample Cook - Thanks Jan x
Food Urchin said…
Good Luck MiMi, not that you'll need it. And er maybe Laaandaaan next time eh?

PS The veg are mutant brussel sprouts
Go Chef Mimi!! Good luck but sure it will be fab! Ixx
meemalee said…
@Food Urchin - You'd probably be too busy on the porcelain telephone to come ;)

@TheFastestIndian - Thank you lovely Ireena x
catty said…
Yay! You're gonna kick butt! And your ingredient looks like a cranky old woman. Yes, I do have imagination.
Ann said…
\tried to book via wild aarlic (answerphone) And your twitter.

Nevertheless hope it's v.wonderful

meemalee said…
@catty - No, I can see cranky woman too :)

@Ann - Oh, I'm so sorry! Email me and if I do another pop-up (possibly in London), you'll be top of the list xxx
Anonymous said…
Ooh, sounds exciting! I hope you'll post about it afterwards, and I second the request for one in London!
gastrogeek said…
exciting stuff! I would have loved to have been there - hope it went well
meemalee said…
@kake - I will and I'll keep you posted!

@gastrogeek - Thanks me dear :)