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Back from Burmese Night at the Wild Garlic

Just got back from Beaminster in Dorset - my first pop-up Burmese restaurant night was a blast. Thank you for all your good wishes!

I'll write more about it soon, but in the meantime, here is a review from one of the diners that night, Lost in the Larder.

And here also a word or two from the man who made this all possible - Mat Follas, chef patron of the Wild Garlic.

And lastly for now is the menu:

Burmese Night at the Wild Garlic

Friday 1st October


Christophene Fritters
Gorakhar-thee Jaw

Matpe Bean Fritters
Bayar Jaw

Charred Tomato Salsa
Pun-tway Byaw


Wood-ear Mushroom and Bean-thread Vermicelli Soup
Jar-zun Hin-gah


Fish Ball Salad
Nga-pè Thoh(k)

Century Egg Salad
Say Bè-Oo Thoh(k)

Green Bean Salad
Bair-thee Thoh(k)


Cinnamon Chicken
Je(t)-thar Hin-mway

Mogok Pork Curry
We(t)-thar Hnu(t)

Tomato and Coriander Prawns
Bazuhn See-Byun

Straw Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom, Baby Spinach
Moh Hin-Noo-Nwè

Burmese Coleslaw, Shrimp Relish
Gorbee Thoh(k), A’Ngun Jaw


Coconut Sorbet, Tapioca Milk, Brioche
Mohn(t) Le(t) Saon


chumbles said…
Well done, MiMi. An epic task by the looks of it and it sounds as though it went brilliantly - still trawling for the cookbook!
The Grubworm said…
Sounds like it all went very well. i really like the format of the evening from LITL's description. Really social and fun. I am now more intrigued than ever about Burmese food. Can't wait for your next popup (please tell me there's going to be more, and in London, for those metropolitan car-less types like me...)
Sasa said…
So glad you pulled it off, and with such finesse, according to reports! I'd have expected nothing less, of course ^_^
meemalee said…
@chumbles - Thanks Chumbles! The Burmese cookbook is my next project - will throw myself wholeheartedly into it!

@The Grubworm - Thank you kind sir and I will keep you posted :)

@Sasa - Awww, thanks Sasa!
catty said…
I'm so glad it went well - but with your at the helm it was always going to be brilliant! The menu sounds DELICIOUS. I think you need to force feed Matt some more century eggs :)
Kavey said…
It was BRILLIANT, just as I knew it would be! Well done, Meems!
Sharon said…
Congratulations - sounds like it went very well! Really want to try Burmese food - hope you do another pop-up soon as would love to come along.
meemalee said…
@catty - Thanks catty ;) And you're so right - we must convert the non-believer!

@Kavey - Aww, thanks Kavey - your support has meant so much to me xxx

@Sharon - Thanks Sharon - I will keep you posted ;)
Su-Lin said…
Yum yum - I can't wait to see photos! Glad it went well!
Greedy Diva said…
Well done, Mimi - a great achievement.
meemalee said…
@Su-Lin - Barely any food photos from me but hopefully some of the guests will have some :)

@Greedy Diva - Thank you :)
Gail said…
Ooh, when are you going to do one in London? Whenwhenwhen??
Mr Noodles said…
Congrats! Now you need to do one in London! I know a place in Putney run by a jolly greengrocer chap that might accomodate you. On second thoughts...
meemalee said…
@Gail - London venue TBA :)

@Mr Noodles - Hmmm, maybe I *should* ask him. You never know ...
So glad it went well and you enjoyed it, the menu looks really tasty.
meemalee said…
@Northern Snippet - Aww thank you :)
Gastro1 said…
Wow I'm desperate to taste your food any plans for a pop up in London ?
meemalee said…
@Gastro1 - Definitely ^_^