Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hazuki, Charing Cross

Hazuki - Sashimi Deluxe

I'm one of those lucky souls who commutes into town from the 'burbs, and the stop that my husband (a fellow commuter) and I usually come into is London Charing Cross.

The way into work is generally fine (apart from never getting a seat, and being crushed into strangers' armpits), but on the way back, invariably something will go wrong to delay our journey home - leaves on the line, signalling problems and one time, memorably, a cloth factory in New Cross went up in smoke.

Whilst we often resign ourselves to waiting, and scrunching our faces up angrily at the departures board, more often than not, we will decide that this is God's way of telling us to go away and have dinner and simply try again later.

Hazuki - Upstairs
Upstairs at Hazuki

Our usual haunt is Hazuki, a little two-storey Japanese restaurant hidden away on Chandos Place, past Oscar Wilde and just up from the station, and we always head straight upstairs.

An old faithful, when snow is the cause of disruption, Hazuki will warm us with sansai udon, agedashi tofu and the finest, crispiest tonkatsu pork.

And in the height of summer, their hiyayakko and zaru-soba hits the spot and their super-deluxe sashimi is a bejewelled platter of pleasure.

Hazuki - Cod Roe Appetiser
Cod roe appetiser

It's so reliable (and by that I mean consistently good, rather than boring), that when my in-laws decided to visit Japan for the first time and were nervous about having to eat "nothing but raw fish", we took them to Hazuki to prove to them that there was life beyond sushi in the Japanese culinary oeuvre, and we (or rather Hazuki's salt mackerel and mixed tempura) managed to convince them with ease.

Hazuki - TempuraHazuki - Tonkatsu
Tempura and Tonkatsu

And best of all, they serve Calpis at Hazuki (or rather Calpico, as it's been rebranded for the squeamish US and Europe). What more could a non-drinking Japanophile want?

I've not written about Hazuki before, as frankly I felt like it was mine.

Now it's yours.

Go eat.

Hazuki - Sashimi Deluxe
Deluxe Sashimi Platter

Hazuki - Sansai Udon
Sansai Udon

Hazuki - Sashimi Platter

ps and for my fellow gaming otaku out there, it also shares a name with the main character from Shenmue. WHOO \(^_^)/

Hazuki - Frontage

43 Chandos Pl
020 7240 2530
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  1. Oh gosh, thanks for this reminder. When I was working in the area we'd sometimes sneak off there for a "proper" lunch. Lovely isn't it?

    That sansai udon looks amazing by the way -- hadn't tried that there before!


  2. I had no idea this was here (or rather, there). Thanks for the pointer, now I too can sample the salted mackerel, which sounds really rather interesting.

    Those pics of the sashimi have started the old salivary glands working. Damn, i'm too like those cats that drool when you stroke them...

  3. Wow, this is a really convenient location, I definitely want to try it and so appreciate that you shared this with us. I know what it's like when you feel like a place is 'yours' :)
    I'm not sure what I'll be able to eat though as a lot of things seem to be breaded or come with soy sauce. Do you know what dishes might be gluten free?

  4. There's food other than raw fish in Japan!? ;P
    A bit of snow stops the trains eh, toughen up England!

  5. Wow this looks wonderful, I will recommend it to my friends who still work in the smoke & get the same trains as you!
    Another fab and informative blog, really do admire your style :0)

  6. @Going With My Gut - So lovely - wish I was close enough at lunch times! Sansai udon is fab but isn't always on the menu.

    @The Grubworm - It's hidden away! Yeah, mackerel shio rocks - try it!

    @Debra Doherty - Ooh, that's difficult. Udon is wheat noodle. And the sauces are often soy-sauce based.

    And yes, tempura and tonkatsu are wheat-based too. And there's soy used in most other things

    I think your safest option would be sushi and sashimi, or something with a purely dashi stock. Soba noodles are, I think, gluten-free (being buckwheat rather than wheat) but often come with a tsuyu sauce which is soy sauce-based

    Sorry not to be more help!

    @Sasa - England is weak ^_^

    @Carol Ford - Thank you - feel free to spread the word!

  7. Food looks really fresh those photos made me want to eat it all.

  8. Hope you've been well Meemalee! Wow everything looks fantastic. Funny I had an instant sansai soba today for lunch.. pouring hot water into a styrofoam bowl. Been so busy. The fresh sashimi and light tempura looks top!

  9. I had no idea it was there. Very handy tip, Ms Meemalee. Thanks.

  10. @Northern Snippet - Thanks! Food is very fresh indeed :)

    @Dennis K - Hi Dennis! Oh, you and me both re busy-ness :)

    I would kill for some instant sansai udon.

    @Greedy Diva - I'm beginning to wonder if they have some kind of forcefield in front of it - even Marina O'Loughlin didn't know about it :)

  11. I have to say it looks real purdee food. If you come into Charing Cross you'll have to give me a shout after work some time. I work 2 minutes from there! BEERS :^D

  12. I love this place too. Though I know little about Japanese food I know what I like and Hazuki delivers it in spades. A little gem, I'm amazed more people don't rave about it. The nasu dengaku is my favourite dish.

  13. Lovely pics by the way: all dishes I haven't yet tried, but will now!

  14. @Pavel - Roger wilco!

    @Laura Nickoll - My mates love that one, but I'm not keen on aubergine! Thanks :)

  15. I love the picture of the deluxe sashimi - it looks like it is being censored!


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