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The Pickle Poll [CLOSED]

Mat tries Barry Norman's Pickled Onions - the finest known to man -
and fails to appreciate them in any way.

Mat Follas does not like pickles.

I do not like liquorice.

I think I'm in the majority; he thinks that he is.

Vote now - the poll will close midnight on Friday.

The loser has to treat the winner to a free dinner. I don't want to lose.

The question is - Which do you HATE?

20.11.2010: THIS POLL IS NOW CLOSED - And I won :)

Thanks for voting!

pickle poll


chumbles said…
Well. Interesting question - my experience amongst my acquaintance is that you are right and Mat is wrong. And my favourite pickle is Lime pickle!

Whereas although I ate liquorice when young, I didn't enjoy it that much and frankly wouldn't care if it disappeared from the universe.
The Grubworm said…
How, HOW, can anyone dislike pickles. I have spent so many evening stuffing all things pickled down my god. Cucumbers (divine gherkins), chillis *swoon*, herring, peppers, branstons (only ever chopped up, never saw a whole branston), onions, garlic...

And don't even get me started on mixed pickled - powerful, punchy lime, straight up strange piccalilli (try explaining that to your American relatives). And then there's chutneys (for what are they but sweet spicy pickles really).

Liquorish? Meh. Can take it or leave it.
Suz said…
I LOVE pickles. In fact, the only pickled thing I probably don't love is pickled egg. When I was a kid, my parents used to buy pickled onions only at Christmas. I was so overcome with pickled onion lust that I would sneak into the kitchen, sit on the floor and eat them straight from the jar. I love them in a turkey sandwich. Ooh, and pickled gherkins in a ham sandwich, bit of mustard. Cor.

Liquorice I can eat, but I don't like it very much at all.
meemalee said…
@chumbles - Nice lime pickle with some poppadums goes down a treat. We all know Mat is wrong - just need to get him to admit it.

@The Grubworm -

"only ever chopped up, never saw a whole branston" hehehe

I know, it makes no sense at all to reject such bounty.

@suzler - You're right, pickled eggs are grim. Terry gave me a bit of one in the pub after service and it made me wince. But the rest of it is pickle beauty.
Jan said…
Liquorice is horrible stuff, I have never liked it, pickles on the other hand are wonderful (except lime pickle).

I remember when I was young helping my mum make pickled onions & piccalilli, the house would stink for weeks but it wa worth it!
Miss Whiplash said…
Clearly you are right (and normal) and Mat is wrong.
Not liking Pickles? What is the world coming to?
Brucey1 said…
Pickles clearly rock, as I showed in my review of the actual onions in the vid. And last night at an event I very much enjoyed a canape involving cornichons. Licorice on the other hand, is the food of the devil.
Nick Baines said…
I like both, but definitely lean towards pickles. I don't think a day goes by when I am cooking and sneak a few pickled onions, a gherkin or a spoon full of lime pickle.
I would much rather eat pickles and liquorice. What happens if you pickle liquorice?!
meemalee said…
@Jan - Yeah, fun and worth the stink - I still make pickles with my mum :)

@Miss Whiplash - Exactly, my dear. Exactly.

@Brucey1 - "Food of the devil" - hehehe! Did you notice that I linked to your stellar review? :)

@Nick Baines - Lean further, my good man.

@Sarah, Maison Cupcake - The world may implode. But - go on, have a go!
josordoni said…
It is most edifying to discover that I am of the most normal persuasion...liquorice is not something you can eat everyday is it?

Not like your pickles.Especially Italian Giardinera pickles. Yumyum.
Sarah said…
I love all pickles and all liquorice (except those vile Allsorts) so which is best?
- cue you in a big black shiny tube and Mat in a silverskin onion outfit-
Ada Wong said…
If it was a life or death situation, I could eat both, but I like pickles more, and find that liquorice tastes weird :P
luciebythesea said…
Pickle?? Or pickleS? Are we only talking gherkins or also things like yummy pickled vegetables, Japanese pickles etc? Even though I HATE piccalli, pickled onions and as for pickled eggs....WRONG!!! I do like the aforementioned :)


I almost divorced my husband when he ate a liquorice ice cream on our honeymoon...why would you spoil wonderful Italian icecream with that?!!!
Kavey said…
Liquorice is not right. It's just not. I hate it.

BUT oddly I USED to like it (and those aniseed gobstoppers, remember those) when I was a kid.

Then, when I was still virtually a kid (17 or so) I got SOOOOOO very drunk on Greek ouzo that even to this day, more than 2 years later, aniseed is anathema to me.

Pickles, of course, as you know, I loves.

Gherkins most especially.

meemalee said…
@Josordoni - I'm not sure I've ever had Giadinera pickles!

@Sarah - I would win, you know I would x

@Ada Wong - I totally agree - also, I love your work in Resident Evil :)

@luciebythesea - You made me snort with laughter!

@Kavey - GHERKIN!
Becci said…
Free dinner for you or for me???

Obviously pickles are delicious and liquorice is disgusting. I always get extra gherkins in burgers and they are the secret ingredient in my bacon sandwich extraordinaire. As a child I used to eat anything pickled by the jarload. All chutneys and pickles are heaven in a jar too.

Liquorice on the other hand is yucky and evil.

In sum, I love pickles.
meemalee said…
@Becci - Apologies, I have clarified. The free dinner is for me on Mat when he ultimately loses. All you guys get is the pleasure of backing the right horse (unless you like licorice, that is).

In sum, you are correct in your love for pickles.

ps Have you written about your bacon sandwich extraordinaire? Link?
Obviously,you may remember Im a convert.Particularly like the Barry shallots.
meemalee said…
@Northern Snippet - Amen