Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Matryoshka Measuring Cups and Spoons by Fred

Matryoshka Measuring Cups and Matyoshka Measuring Spoons by Fred

You'll have seen from previous posts that I like a bit of kitchen whimsy.

As well as bento bits and bobs, my house is rammed with culinary nonsense from Alessi (including that Phillipe Starck Juicy Salif lemon squeezer), Koziol, Guzzini and, last but not least, Fred and Friends, purely because the design tickled my fancy - functionality not necessarily a priority (see again Juicy Salif).

It's an easy and not too expensive way of getting a little designer fun into your surroundings.

Smallest M-Cup used for Butterbean Dip
Smallest M-Cup used for my Butterbean Dip

My latest loves are the M-Cups and M-Spoons from Fred & Friends - a ridiculously adorable range of Russian doll kitchenware, which (obviously) stacks away for your convenience.

The Matryoshka Measuring Cups aka M-Cups come in 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 full cup sizes, making them perfect for American recipes.

The Matryoshka Measuring Spoons aka M-Spoons come in 1 tbsp, 1/2 tbsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1/4 tsp sizes.

M-Cups and M-Spoons by Fred

They're both available in Paperchase and Urban Outfitters, and on Amazon - prices vary as I believe they're imported from the US (in fact I got the M-Cups in Chicago before they were available in the UK).

I'm now after their Store-Ms - their Russian Doll stacking tupperware lunchboxes - but sadly have yet to find a UK supplier ...

M-Cups by Fred (from £9.99)
M-Spoons by Fred (from £5.00)


  1. These are totes cute MiMi! Quite like the idea of the Store-M's just don't know how I'd find the cupboard space for em :^)

  2. Oh, I came across these recently, sometime in last month or two, maybe someone linked them on twitter, maybe you? For all I know, me. Or I saw them in another blog post. All I know is they are adorable but that I resisted temptation and didn't order any. And now I am sad for they look so fine.


  3. @Betty Herbert - Yeah!

    @Pavel - But they STACK, Pavel. They STACK!

    @Kavey - May have been my Frijole Mole recipe where I first used them? Order 'em now ;P

  4. Russian dolls + kitchen whimsy = LOVE.

  5. Do kitchen knives count as kitchen-whimsy - because i LOVE those... With you on the whole bento box, stackable container thing and these babies look great. And fun. They'd be ace for boiled eggs...

  6. @Gin and Crumpets - Heh, I remember you liked the M-cups when you first saw them :)

    @KSalty - I have totally got a Russian Doll thing going on - I have a dress with a Russian Doll pattern - so cute!

    @the Grubworm - Erm, that's more kitchen pointy than kitchen whimsy, I fear ... although the Voodoo Knife Block is pretty cool in a morbid way ...

  7. I think I just found MIL's Mother's Day present :-) She loves Matryoshka dolls. And when I am there, it would be criminal not to pick up a set me for me, right MiMi?

  8. Those measuring cups look soooo cute....!!

  9. I got the spoons for my future SIL for Christmas - she loved them!

  10. Me wanty- they are going on my birthday list!

  11. I already have the cups! Are so cute and practical too!

    Had not seen the spoons before..oh dear...

  12. AMAZING!! Want these alot. I also really want to colour them in.....

  13. *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
    Am running around kitchen with arms and legs flailing.
    I LOVE these.
    Goddamn my New Jennie's non spending resolution.
    Goddammit to HELL!

  14. @Michelle Peters-Jones - Completely criminal :)

    @Cooking Gallery - They are so cute!

    @Gail - I might have to get some more for mine ...

    @TheFastestIndian - Do it!

    @Anne - Yeah, complete the set ;p

    @chloe - Ha, marker pen maybe? I like the minimalist effect though :)

    @Miss Whiplash - Hehehehe!

  15. So unfair - life that is - I bought a month ago a set of measuring spoons and cups and frankly I really wish I hadn't, as these seem so much better; not only do they look better, but the set I bought have a square shaped bottom ensuring that the spices get snared to the creases so that I am in the ludicrous position of having to use another spoon to get everything out... Fume (joking), how I wish I'd seen these first.


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