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#MEATEASY, New Cross


There are only TWO things you need to know about #MEATEASY.

Number One: New Cross is not a shithole.

The #MEATEASY is situated at the top of Goldsmiths Tavern in New Cross, South East London. If I hear one more comment about New Cross being a dangerous dump, I will scream.

Those lovely, middle-class boys from Blur studied in New Cross and held a comeback gig here. Damien Hirst and Jools Holland started their careers here. Goldsmiths Tavern itself saw the very first gigs by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer.

Local school Aske's is
the most popular state school in the UK, with top GCSE results in London and 10th best in the country (Rafe Spall was there at the same time as my OH and used to claim it was a "ghetto school" to look hard. Tool).

Look, even
Princess Beatrice went to college in New Cross.

I know it sounds like the lady doth protest too much, but frankly this lady has had enough of people taking liberties and resorting to lazy stereotypes about South London. There really are much worse places at all points of London's compass.

Number Two: I went to the #MEATEASY twice in a fortnight.

I never do that. It's not just the food - the fact is, the #MEATEASY experience just rules in the same way the Big Lebowski does. A piece of down and dirty Americana in full technicolour glory.

Go while you can - it's there till around mid-March.














Above Goldsmiths Tavern
316 New Cross Road
SE14 6AF
(halfway between New Cross & New Cross Gate stations,
both 5 mins from London Bridge)
Opens 6pm, closed Mondays
No booking, sometimes they limit the no. of items you can order

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Gail said…
Still haven't had the chilli cheese fries. Must remedy this on my next visit.
PDH said…
Wow - Who's that hunk of beef holding the ticket?
meemalee said…
@Gail - They were the first thing I tried and by gum they were glorious!

@Pavel - A lovely mate of mine who makes a mean gravy and chips
tori said…
Sometimes pictures say so much more than words ever can- this post, case in point. Though am scared that if I take The Hungry One there, I'll never get him out. As soon as I've developed an exit strategy, it's on.
Miss Cay said…
I'm seriously thinking of taking a trip to London just so I can indulge in the joys of the #meateasy before it's gone forever.
Miss Cay said…
Also - really like the points about New Cross made here. I've had many happy times in New Cross, and never got mugged, raped, stabbed or killed (to the best of my knowledge). Plus, anywhere that's responsible for the birth of the mighty Reeves and Mortimer is always going to be alright in my book.
BeccaRothwell said…
I have only two things to say about this post:

1) Drool.

2) WHY have I not yet been to the #MEATEASY?! WHY DAMN IT WHY?!

This needs to be rectified asap. Damn South London for being so far away!
Catherine said…
Yes, very annoyed by all the New Cross hate. I'm ex-Goldsmiths myself (just after the Blur boys) and never had any problems in New Cross. It's not a shit-hole, most of my old lecturers still live there.

Can't comment on MeatEasy though - don't expect I'll manage to get over there.
chumbles said…
New Cross is certainly not a shithole. But planners have destroyed a lot of the place's character. But late one night walking from the tube onto one of the big estates on a dark, wet, winter's Saturday night, high on champagne and in morning suit it can be a little intimidating; but then again that goes for Esher too!

Seriously I am not a fan of Sarff London and that's 'cultural' - I'm a cockney 'boy' from Stoke Newington and going South of the water has always been regarded as very dangerous (we carefully ignore Plaistow, Whitechapel and the Kray twins ;-))

But for MEATEASY#, if I hadn't abjured London altogether, I would brave the trip!
meemalee said…
@tori - They've thought of that - they ration the number of things you can oder (alas).

@Miss Cay - I love how people are making pilgrimages from afar :) And yes re Vic and Bob!

@BeccaRothwell - 10 mins from London Bridge max.

@Catherine - Yay for Goldsmiths alumni!

@chumbles - My in-laws were proper East London folk and they've been in New Cross for over 30 years. It can be done :)
Becci said…
You left out the most persuading fact about New Cross and HAGS (yes, that the abbreviation we had to wear on our blazers at Haberdasher's Askes Girls School #toocruel), which is: I spent my formative years there! Surely surely a place that produces such fine specimens of femininity can't be described as a shithole ;-)

Love New Cross. Love #Meateasy. I must go again before it disappears.
Anne said…
Are those onion rings stacked in the bowl? *drool* Okay I think I drooled a little over my keyboard looking at the pictures, everything looks so meaty and delicious!

Am not familiar with New Cross or its reputation, if I wasn't stuck indoors for the next few weeks I think I would be on the next train there!
VictoriaJane said…
Go Meemalee! Lovely New Cross really isn't the bloomin' ghetto – people, get over it. Thanks for reminding me about Vic and Bob- I’d almost forgotten.

Cheers for taking me along to the #MEATEASY and introducing me to the 'Dead Hippy'. For the drinkers out there I would highly recommend the cocktails and the ‘Meantime’ ale.
I quite want to go back now...
Hollow Legs said…
TRUE SAY etc etc about New Cross - though the scenes outside The Venue at around 2am on a Saturday night are a sight to behold.

Anyway, since it will be my 9th visit to the Meateasy next week, I think you can safely say I'm a fan.
meemalee said…
@Becci - Of course! Silly me :)

@Anne - Yes, the crispest onion rings, made the way they should be!

@VictoriaJane - How could you forget your namesakes?

@Lizzie - Ah, the Venue! "Fan"? Aren't you, like, the Mayor of Meateasy?
The Grubworm said…
The urge to say something lazy and stereotypical about South London and this point is almost overwhelming... Howver, having had some damn fine food south of the river recently it would be misplaced. Very excited to be heading down Newcross way next week. Your photos have merely doubled the anticipation.
Food Urchin said…

Of course, this statement has nothing to do with south London at all. I just get a perverse thrill saying that because I know someone, somewhere out there will be now spitting blood (or Dead Hippie for that matter)

And it's also because I'm a bit of a nob.

And yes, I must try to get to #MEATEASY before it north London!
meemalee said…
@theGrubworm @FoodUrchin - You're lucky you're my friends.

@Dave Clarke - Ha! That's one viewpoint :)
MiMi you're a star - I've left a couple of comments on patronising foodie types whose entire life appears to have been ruined by coming to New Cross, my main advice being stay in Chelsea mate and don't darken our door again! And as for grown men being scared to walk down the high street, they really should grow a pair! I used to go to the Goldsmiths in the days of the GMT - they'd have kacked themselves if they'd gone in there if they find New Cross now scary!
The #Meateasy was fabulous when I went and am looking forward to my second visit next week -can't believe I'm a fat arse that lives 10mins away and have only been once so far - this must be rectified!
Anonymous said…
You missed off that Shaun Of The Dead was filmed in New Cross, around Monson Road. As I understand it all the extras were locals and none of them needed make-up :P
Milly said…
I'm loving your blog, I'm following!

Would love you to enter my amazing GIVEAWAY- to win a pasta making course and meal with wine for two:

meemalee said…
@I Heart cupcakes - Thanks - I hope you've been back!

@youfatfoodie - Ah, correct. And wasn't that a lovely suburban setting? :)

@Milly - Thanks Milly - will take a look.
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