Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bags for Japan

Domokun Display

I've been thinking that I want to do more to help with the efforts in Japan.

I'm not remotely athletic, so physical feats like doing a sponsored run are out of the question.

I don't really bake, so I don't want to provide paltry efforts for the wonderful Cakes for Japan.

I've not really got the time to auction stuff on eBay for the brilliant Bento4Japan campaign, much as I would like to take part.

Then I realised that I had lots of rather nice photos that I'd taken in Japan which languished in this weird half-life on Flickr, as I'd never got round to printing them out.

So I thought to myself, "I really like tote bags and I reckon others do - let's use those photos to make some bags for Japan".

I played around with all the designs to make them a bit funkier, and I'm pretty pleased with how they came out.

The bags are only £8 each and all proceeds will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross (that's £1.10 per bag). And there's free shipping till 31 March with the code HELP4JP.

And if you don't fancy buying a bag, you can donate to the British Red Cross using the links below.


  1. What a brilliant idea, and great photos too!

  2. What a great way to help! Love the Totoro Sign tote...

  3. Oh yes yes yes! I am going to buy many Domokun bags, make Domokun cookies and fill the one with the other...
    Yes :-)

  4. @knit nurse - Yay, thank you!

    @sauerkrauttosushi - Thanks, I do like its simplicity :)

    @weebesom - Thank you, graphic designer lady!

    @Miss Whiplash - Domo Domo Domo KUN!

  5. These look amazing - so professional! I've got my eye on the robot...

  6. Great idea and initiative Meemalee. I love the octopus one!

  7. Will you post to Canada MiMi? How much would the shipping be?

  8. @Katy Salter - Thank you - yeah, the robot one is cool :)

    @Dennis K - Thanks Dennis! I hope your friends and family are okay - your folks are mainly in Okinawa right?

    @Michelle Peters-Jones - The site posts internationally. The free shipping code may work for Canada but I'm not sure - try it :)

    Otherwise it should automatically calculate shipping for you but shouldn't be too much as the bags are very light.

    I don't control any of the physical side - all I did was make and upload the designs :P

  9. Wonderful MiMi! These are great and such a fab idea.

  10. Such cool bags! I will purchase one when I can decide which to get!!

  11. Great idea and some cool bags (bagz?) MiMi. I particularly like Totoro. Ghibli rocks.

  12. I like them so much I've bought 2

  13. @Niamh - Thanks Niamh!

    @WalshyMK - You could always get more than one ;P

    @The Grubworm - BAGZ? Pff. Ghibli does indeed rock :)

    @Patrick - Aww, thank you!

  14. @Katy Salter - Oh YAY! Thank you :) x


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