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Hog Roast at The Red Lion and Sun [Haiku Review]


Hog roast perfection.
Crackling divine, moistest meat,
Ludicrously cheap.

Look at that. Unlimited pork plus sides for £12. TWELVE POUNDS.


This guy (Heath Ball aka @pubhobbit on Twitter) owns the pub. He looks justifiably happy.

A plate of sunshine.

The Red Lion and Sun
25 North Road
Highgate Village
N6 4BE
020 8340 1780

Parties of up to 100 people with a 80kg hog (Middle White or Gloucestershire Old Spot), or lamb roast or suckling pig roast for smaller parties (there were about 30 of us).

Summer only and booking essential - enquire on 0208 340 1780 or


cornercottage said…
That looks amazing! We're having a hog roast for our wedding next year, if it looks half as tasty as that, I will be one happy lady!
Kavey said…
Was soooooooooooooooooooo good. We still have giant jar of lard, going down gradually!!!
BeccaRothwell said…
I AM SO SAD I MISSED THIS! :( I love The Red Lion & Sun and I love pig. So jealous.
Miss Whiplash said…
We had wedding hog roast last year.
Am still trying to think of the next excuse.
meemalee said…
@Hanna @Miss Whiplash - I firmly believe that all weddings should have a hog roast. I failed to have one at mine, d'oh.

@Kavey - Haha, me too!

@BeccaRothwell - Am sure there will be another opportunity :)
chumbles said…
Excellent photos
Loving your victory sign
Wish I lived near there

Yum - I swore I wasn't going to read your blog at this time of day and now I'm unbelievably hungry!
The Grubworm said…
The twelve pound crackle
Worthy piggy sacrifice
A glutton's delight
meemalee said…
@chumbles - Hehehehe!

@the Grubworm AND chumbles - this is why it's so difficult doing the Haiku Review - you lot do it so much better!
Unknown said…
What a fabulous photo review!