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Doki Japanese Tableware Reopens Next Month

How I hope the new Doki will look - this shop is actually in Tokyo

LATEST on Doki-watch - after a brief sojourn at Pacific Plaza, the not very successful successor to Oriental City, it seems Doki the beloved Japanese tableware shop is moving to Harrow Weald in August. Tetote Factory, its sister bakery, will also re-open in South Ealing next month.

Doki will also be at HyperJapan - a massive event celebrating all things Japanese from today till Sunday at Olympia Two, London.

HyperJapan's site tells us:

"Doki was established in 1978 as Masyu Artware, and was then re-named Utsuwa-no-Yakata, before becoming Doki as it is known today.The Doki shop is moving now to a new premises in Harrow Weald in August. At HYPER JAPAN 2011 it will be presenting a selection of ceramics and pottery imported directly from Japan.

Doki is written as 土器 in Japanese kanji characters, and means earthenware. It is the term used to describe ancient Japanese earthenware, and Doki today provides people living in the UK with the opportunity to buy authentic, beautiful Japanese ceramics, cookware, glassware, lacquerware and more. Doki’s range of products is the most extensive in Europe, and the next best thing to going crockery shopping in Tokyo...".


I love Japanese tableware. I wanted to buy so much stuff when I was in Japan but didn't in the end out of fear of breaking everything. I so have to go there, thanks for the tip!
Kavey said…
Aa tetote, so fine so fine.
meemalee said…
@Ute@HungryinLondon - Me too! Also worried it would take up my entire luggage allowance :D

@Kavey - I never made it to Pacific Plaza - will definitely need to make a pilgrimage to Tetote's new location.
Oh god, all those beautiful Japanese bowls = porn. Have you seen the Japanese exhibition at the Geffrye Museum? It's all about the objects in the average Japanese home and in early sept they're raffling it all off! I'll be there trying to get a gold laquer bowl or two...
Su-Lin said…
Oh crap. My cupboards are already full to overflowing. My husband is NOT going to be happy about this.
Unknown said…
Yes we open and please visit us in our shop located at Doki 207 high road harrow weald middlesex HA3 5EE 0208861 4277 or please our website