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The Fairy Hobmother - An Offer You Can't Refuse ...


There's been a lot of hoo-ha in the blog world recently about the Fairy Hobmother. This benevolent being has been flitting about granting wishes and no-one really knows why.

Behind it all is a company called Appliances Online which as the name suggests sells all manner of electrical goods for your home. Obviously, they're wanting to spread their name and gain a good reputation, but they've been sending lucky people items that they don't even stock themselves.

What gives, Appliances Online? WHY ARE YOU SO NICE?

Anyway, I made a wish a while back on the very excellent blog A Rather Unusual Chinaman for some accessories to pimp my Kitchenaid trophy Bertie Branning (named after Max Branning of Eastenders fame) and lo and behold, the Fairy Hobmother sent me:

  1. a rather secksy glass bowl which I'd been lusting after since I'd seen Lorraine Pascale use one on Baking Made Easy.
  2. a meat grinder which came in a box with the words "Fleisch Wolf" on it. FLEISCH WOLF. Yes, the German word for a meat grinder is FLESH WOLF. AMAZING.

kitchenaid mixer with glass bowl

Anyway, I've been asked to spread the love, so
ANYONE who leaves a comment on this post and makes a wish specifying what they would like could be visited by the Fairy Hobmother too!

(Make sure you're contactable either by email or Twittername)

Roll with it, guys - I'm pretty sure you won't get a horse's head in your bed.

Unless you ask for one.


BunnyBanter said…
I need a visit from the Fairy Hobmother!! Having only recently been able to leave home (don't judge me), I haven't had the time to build up a lovely exciting collection of my own kitchen gadgetry (horses heads aside...), so it would brighten my week, nay, my *year* to have some lovely things! Does it help if i say 'please'?
Anonymous said…
The old German root of "wolf" means "to tear" so "Fleischwolf" for meat grinder makes perfect sense.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mimi, well this was a timely blog post I have to say as the tumble dryer decided to give up the ghost last outing - in a household of 4 adults & one child it is necessary! So my *The Fairy Hobmother* wish is for a New Tumble Dryer & being a greedy witch to match our Miele Washing machine would be a bonus!! :o) How funny the Word Verification is "slydri" - bizarre or decide!!

I'm still curious as to why Appliances Online would be so kind...for you I can understand as you do lovely blogs - for me I'm not quite that lucky ;o)

Best as always Carol x
Helen said…
That's amazing! What a nice company.

Well, Fairy Hobmother, I could really use a visit. I jacked in my job last September to return to studying and establish myself as a freelancer. Whilst I'm a lot happier, I am also a lot poorer and I still don't have a microwave (useful) or an ice-cream machine (a want, not a need) for my kitchen. Pretty please?
PDH said…
I genuinely need a fleischwolf, that and a sausage maker. I've a hankering to start making my own sausages and pork pie and a meat grinder would go down a treat. Make my day Fairyhobmother!

Dom said…
Oh, I wish the Fairy Hobmother would visit me! The Chocablog kitchen is so lacking in cookware, gadgetry and appliances that other kitchens laugh and point and call it names. It's embarrassing.

Poor Chocablog kitchen wants to create amazing chocolatey dishes, but instead it's limited to serving squares of Dairy Milk in over-used Gu ramekins. Poor, sad Chocablog kitchen. All it wants is to be loved.
Jules said…
I dream of shiny Kitchenaid mixers! Oh for a Branning of my own...
DDKK said…
hahaha love the photo, I think you should be using it for a caption competition. That is all.
Unknown said…
wow!... good work Meemee! I've been wishing for a long time but I doubt i'll ever receive... you see I'm re building my kitchen and I need an electric oven... what i really want is one of these Leisure Electric Range cookers in black.. oh please please FHM, grant me my wish!
goingglutenfree said…
Fairy Hobmother, please visit me! I've just asked my work colleagues for a big favour, and as incentivization have offered a cake of their choice handmade by my fair hand. It would be a joy if I could mix it in a sexy kitchenaid rather than an old plastic bowl with one of the original two heads of a handheld electric whisk... Crossing my fingers for me and my colleagues!
Catriona said…
Argh, last comment from goingglutenfree is me - not sure if identifiable through that, so - thankyou!
What fabulous presents from the fairy hobmother. So many things I can think of to wish for. Toaster, steam iron and electric whisk are all on my current wish list.
I would love an ice cream maker preferably a self chilling one so I don't have to detach the whole bowl and put it in the freezer!
And my oven is broken but I don't know if that's a bit too much to hope for!!
I would love a new oven mine is broken sob!
That is amazing! Whilst I would love a fabulous kitchen aid liquidiser, or perhaps cappuccino machine (both red if you're asking), I am pretty lucky and have most of what I need in my kitchen.
So, Fairy Hobmother, if you are listening, I would like for you to help @PeoplesKitchen and @healthytowns as they do such good work to help people. I am not sure what they need, but I expect they would love to hear from you.
Thanks Jenni from @NorthcoteBeers
dawnycupcake said…
I'm in dire need of a new oven. I've got a kitchen that just has a microwave now and I've run out of ways to be creative without a proper oven to cook in. Fairy hobmother please make my wish come true with an oven!!

josordoni said…
Chatting away on Twitter about the fab #Fairyhobmother, I thought I wouldn't apply as I don't really need any nice new appliances. But then I thought..

I have limited kitchen space, so although I would adore a Kitchenaid, there is simply no room, but I really would love a blender. Obviously the Thermomix one that cooks as well would be mine in a perfect world... :)

thenewstead6 said…
A sexy Kitchenaid mixer - my old mixer was 2nd hand when I was given it 17 years ago and it is still all I have! - and a sausage maker - because after all, when you have to eat gluten free being able to make your own sausages would ROCK!
I would so love a visit from The Fairy Hobmother and a Fleisch Wolf would be a veritable treat or even more so, a Magimix 18427 4200 Food Processor would really be magic when concocting my home-made chutneys (and I've never stopped believing in fairies even tho the tooth fairy stopped visiting many moons ago haha).

I have everything crossed.
Carol Ford said…
So we are going try again & follow the instructions this time & leave our Twitter id!!

Hi Mimi, well this was a timely blog post I have to say as the tumble dryer decided to give up the ghost last outing - in a household of 4 adults & one child it is necessary! So my *The Fairy Hobmother* wish is for a New Tumble Dryer & being a greedy witch to match our Miele Washing machine would be a bonus!! :o) How funny the Word Verification is "slydri" - bizarre or decide!!

I'm still curious as to why Appliances Online would be so kind...for you I can understand as you do lovely blogs - for me I'm not quite that lucky ;o)

Best as always Carol x aka @GrowingDirect or
julia.rockett said…
What a fantastic company! I would love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother. I desperately need a food processor to make my 6 month old daughter yummy home cooked meals now she's started weaning. I've also got Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals book gathering dust as almost every recipe requires a food processor!

This may be pushing my luck a bit, but I would also love a new fridge freezer as I've recently discovered I've got one of those dodgy Beko models that may catch fire at any second! It's also old, isn't cold enough and makes a right racket!
Bristol Bites said…
Oooh lucky you! I'd ask the Fairy Hobmother for an ice cream maker so that I could make some of the fab recipes in an ice cream book that's being published by a local company later this year!

Either that or I'd wish for a steamer or a slow cooker to encourage me to cook more rather than going out for dinner all the time! :-/
I would tell the Fairy Hobmother how wonderfully fetching his tights look on him and then ask for either:

a) a Kitchenaid which is something I would never be able to get in my wildest dreams

or if I'm being practical and not selfish

b) a new washing machine because this one is really unlikely to survive the five loads a day until the twins arrive. And then I'm going to be ... stuck.
Miss Whiplash said…
Best picture EVER :-)
I was going to tell the Fairy Hobmother what I wanted, but I'm pretty sure that lovely @NorthcoteBeers is right.
Read her comment instead, Mr Hobmother!
Faeri said…
dying for a beans to coffee machine :$ please make my day? pretty please?
Uyen Luu said…
Dear Fairy HobMother, May you please grant me with a Magimix blender - I will be most grateful for eternity. Thank you - Uyen x
Michelle said…
Gahhhh... she doesn't ship to Canada... we need our own Fairy Hobmother!!!
Anonymous said…
Fairy Hobmother! What a great name!! I would love for her to come my way. We entertain lots in our home - have a women who stays 2- 3 days a week to help her save on gas - weekend visitors and just people who drop in (we are right of the interstate as you drive from NM to Denver and so it is a good rest point for many) I would love some help in my 50's vintage kitchen (50's not by choice but am trying to love what I have!)

bee blessed
Anonymous said…
Oops forgot- my Kitchen aide mixer is slowly dying- that would be a great thing under my pillow from Fairy Godmother Hobmother!
Debi said…
Fairy Hobmother - The fairest in the land, my wish is for a better camera so I could keep up with my blogging professionals who take such OUTSTANDING photos!! I'm so appreciative I even have a camera, but their camera talk is driving me crazy jealous. Thanks Hobmother~ Debi
Oh Fairy Hob Mother visit me pleazzze. My old outdated kitchen (Okay it's only 20 years old), but it can always use any bright shiney new items!
Neil D said…
If the Fairy Hobmother is giving stuff away I would love to have a Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer as I am tired of mixing Cheesecakes by hand in my extra large Jam Bucket
(Dont mind what colour either)

meemalee said…
Guys - a gentle reminder that you need to leave a way for the Fairy Hobmother can contact you - twitter ID, email address, website etc.

Neil D - I like the sound of this extra large jam bucket.
nono said…
Dear Fairy Hobmother

I would love a pasta attachment for my kitchen aide mixer. I could also use a new cookie sheet or two. Mine are old and scratched up. Thanks so much!
I would like a pressie please! Acceptable options are a dishwasher to replace my ancient one that seems to have stopped draining, an ice cream maker (as I have been reading Kavey Eats' ice cream post), or a new mini-chopper/processer thingy as my current one requires me to hold the lid in place while the blade goes round! Thanks! @ireenaribena
Kavey said…
Yay, lovely to see the fairy hobmother still making people happy around the interwebs!

I want one of those glass bowls for my kitchenaid too, can you IMAGINE how handsome Intergalactic Unicorn would look with one of those? (NOT making a wish by the way, as mine was already granted and infact, we used my gift for the first time just last weekend).

grania said…
dearest fairy hobmother, i would dearly like a new tabletop blender. i have got through two in the past year as i can't afford a nice one and the glass keeps cracking. my other half is very sad as this means smoothies are currently off the menu.
Djulain said…
Hope its not too late Fairy Hob Mother! Please visit me though I live quite far, Kenya. I know its too much to ask for an oven, mine's about 20+ old, but if you you'd be so kind as to grant me an oven thermometer :-) thats all I need!
Anonymous said…
Other than my general wish to steal everything in your kitchen, my fairy hobmother wish is for a food processor, and some decent knives as I have neither at the moment

Also, your food blog is my absolute favorite, always either inspiring or funny and often both, you're amazeballs

@JosieMoo xx
eatingsoho said…
Amazing! I think if I got the chance to choose something for my kitchen it'd be a Magimix...

goodfoodetc said…
i think this is a sign... the door to the fridge part of my fridge/freezer has decided to come unhinged. the fairy hobmother is certainly very welcome in my flat!

Anonymous said…
Whilst I echo the many sentiments and pleas for a Kitchen Aid artisan mixer of my own from the Fairy Hobmother, is it perhaps too much to ask for one of them American fridge freezers - How I long to have ice whenever I please!
Anonymous said…
Ohhhh a shiny shint SMEG fridge. One day.......but probably only if I won it in a competition. They are things of beauty. It would have space to store all the cookie dough and buttercream for experiments in baking, whilst not annoying my husband and his weird obsessions with single pints of milk (why?!)
Anonymous said…
Dear Fairy Hobmother please wave your magic wand and shimmy one of those glass bowls my way, it's utterly beautiful.
Oh Fairy Hobmother! What appliance don't we need in our house?! Both our fridge/freezer & microwave ovens have blown their lightbulbs, and neither work properly (never mind we can't see what's in the fridge during midnight feasts...), our cooker is falling apart, as is our dishwasher...even the 4-slice toaster decides that toast is ready 2 seconds after the lever's been pushed down - that's if we can push it down in the first place! Our DAB Radio/CD player is giving up the ghost as well (but that's an ambit claim, I'm sure we can cope without it)...come to think of it, the washing machine is fine, but give it time!