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Scotch Egg Challenge at The Ship, Wandsworth - Tuesday 20th September

Sexy Scotch Egg

Scotch egg! Scotch egg! How I love thee! For the uninitiated, Oliver Thring gives good background on what a Scotch egg is and where it came from. This is not a Scotch egg.

The formula for what makes a good Scotch egg is very simple:

Soft-Boiled Egg + Seasoned Meat + Breadcrumb + Deep-Frying --> Heaven in a Sphere

A far cry from those supermarket horrors comprising hard, greying eggs rattling around in a case of pappy sausagemeat and moist crumb, never mind what Wikipedia says, a Scotch egg should be warm and cossetting, with meat that yields and a yolk that dribbles.

So I am delighted to announce that I'll be one of a distinguished panel of judges at the Scotch Egg Challenge on Tuesday 9th August Tuesday 20th September (postponed due to the troubles in London) at that marvellous pub called The Ship in Wandsworth to decide who makes the best Scotch Egg.

Open to professionals, pubs and restaurants alike, if you'd like to enter or want more details, please contact the Ship on the Ship blog here. Spectators and tasters also welcome to join the fun.

May the best Scotch egg win!


Miss Whiplash said…
Where did the one in the picture come from? It looks absolutely divine!
meemalee said…
@Miss Whiplash - Coach and Horses in Farringdon (who unfortunately can't make that date!)
Suz said…
"a Scotch egg should be warm and cossetting, with meat that yields and a yolk that dribbles"

Lovely! I should write this down and look at it whenever I feel a bit sad.
Uyen Luu said…
What a good job ! scotch egg judge. Tick! X
meemalee said…
@Suzler - Thank you dear!

@Leluu - I can't believe my luck :) x
Kavey said…
We've made scotch eggs a couple of times, bloody fantastic. Not fantastic enough to enter into any competition, even if we were a pub, which obviously we ain't... but good!!!
Food Urchin said…
Could I enter Mega Egg?
meemalee said…
@Kavey - I've never made a Scotch egg myself :)

@Food Urchin - Ask the Ship!!