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SWITL Magic Sauce Spatula Robotic Hand Thing

This is why I love Japan. Stuff like this.

SWITL (which stands for Special World Idea Technology Revolution - the Japanese transpose Ls and Rs) is described by its makers Furukawa Kiko as:
"a hand-held type of the SWITL for moving soft objects without collapsing their shape. It is a Robots hand for handling soft and jelly like objects which loose shape when gripped, cannot be gripped, or cannot be touched, etc.

Objects like Mayonnaise and Ketchup can be picked up without changing their shape and moved to a different location while retaining the shape".
There isn't much other information about how it works (though someone has had a stab at how on Quora here), so right now let's go with MAGIC.

SWITL blurb

The main application I can think of for this is in bakeries, and indeed a test video on Furukawa Kiko's site shows this in action.

Each hand-held unit is priced at 70,000 yen, which is just under £600, and they're looking for distributors now.

I am tempted. Boy, am I tempted.


(with thanks to Food Player and Essex Eating for the heads up)


Kavey said…
Yeah, I've been watching this multiple times, plus the other link LucMartin posted:

Repeat after me: I DO NOT NEED THIS!

(OK, it's super cool and I want one too but £600 is a lot of money to pick up my sauce spills without smearing them)
Su-Lin said…
OMG, that's amazing!
Food Urchin said…
Will this work with cat poo?
PDH said…
Chefs are going to go crazy for this!
meemalee said…
@Kavey - You do need one.

@Su-Lin - :D

@Food Urchin - If you teach them to poo on flat surfaces.

@Pavel - Yeah!
Unknown said…
what is the weird gooey stuff in the youtube thumbnail?
meemalee said…
@Deepa - What you see before you play the vid? A mix of ketchup and kewpie mayo.
Oliver S said…
I'm not going to believe this is real unless I see it with my own eyes!
Oliver S said…
Also, why does the section about sliced meat seem to be illustrated with pink flannels?
Anonymous said…
Ha ha, this is crazy. My Japanese friends and I watched this video some time ago and it's mesmerising!
Suz said…
That's amazing! If I had this, I could bin my television and spend the rest of my days spilling things and picking them up.
tori said…
*cursing lack of cupboard space in small London flat*. This video has made my morning. Brilliant.
Kavey said…

Lookn what I've found so you don't have to spend £600 but can still pick up your ketchup shapes:
meemalee said…
@Oliver S - Yes, the towels/flannels have us baffled.

@chasingbawa - Hehe, it's cool.

@Suzler - I KNOW!

@tori - Excellent!

@Kavey - You are indeed a genius!!