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Lakeland Giveaway - Christmas Cakes and Cookies [CLOSED]


When I was at college, one of the most exciting things to happen to me apart from bumping into Craig Charles was the opening of a Lakeland store.

Because Lakeland really is the closest thing to a real-life Innovations catalogue, and you know how much I loved those. Of course, like an Innovations catalogue, 50% of the stuff is brilliant, inspired and useful, and 50% is utter bobbins.

Bobbins, however, is in the eye of the beholder and whilst it's hard to dispute that this has no earthly point, I'm sure some of you will adore the gadgets which make me squint and say, "Really? I mean, really?".

Take these two items. Literally take them from me.

Because the lovely folk at Lakeland have sent me stuff that implies they think I like baking and I don't. I really don't.


Kransekake Cake Pan Set (rrp £9.99)

A kransekake is a traditional Norwegian dessert made of stacking concentric rings of marzipan cake that's eaten at weddings, Christmas, or New Year's Eve. Many, many layers of cake. Many.

I did toy with the idea of making the Dark Tower of Barad-dûr for a Lord of the Rings extended Blu-Ray marathon, but then realised that this would never, ever happen. The tower, not the marathon.


Christmas Tree Trinket Cookie Cutters (rrp £9.99)

I went through a phase of really wanting some stained-glass window biscuits (with the coloured bit made of jam or melted boiled sweets), but despite this yen, such was my laziness that I just kept hoping one of my colleagues who claimed to "love baking" would make some for me. She never did and we don't work together any more. These things aren't connected though.

Anyway, I now have the means to make them myself with these cute cookie cutters. I could even thread a ribbon through the biscuits and turn them into Christmas tree decorations. Am I going to? Am I hell.



The Cookie Cutters and the Cake Pans count as separate prizes.

If you would like to win either, please leave a comment saying which one you want and your contact details ie your email address or twitter name.

Closing date is midnight on Monday 28th November - the winners will be picked at random. UK readers only - sorry!

EDITED TO ADD: The winners are Miss Whiplash (kransekake pan) and @cj56 (cookie cutters)


Aussie_Foodie said…
Ohhhh I have been eyeing off those cookie cutters as wanted to make something sugar loaded for the EvilSkank at work as payback for continually offering me shortbread on my diet! The guys will love it too but hers will be sugar dusted with arsenic (extra special!)
Helen said…
Wowee! I've never even heard of a kransekake set, but now it is my heart's strongest desire...

@helenzaltzman is who I am.
I very nearly bought the kransekake pans in Lakeland the other day on my weekly visit just so I could own one. And bake with it of course.
@cj56 said…
I'll happily take the cookie cutters off your hands, I love making Christmas biscuits to hang on the tree.

My parents live relatively close to the original Lakeland store in Windermere and my mum and I used to spend rainy days marvelling at the crazy things people would buy (then buying some ourselves!).
Ooh...I would love the Kransekake Cake Pan Set..I am thinking bright multicoloured cakes using that. =)
Miss Whiplash said…
Now then, young Mimi...
I don't want to out undue pressure on you or anything, but you do know that I ACTUALLY WOULD make Barad Dur if I had those pans, right?
sophiescouse said…
Ok I genuinely need that Kransekake Cake Pan Set in my life. I didn't even know that existed, but my god I need that in my life. It's @sophiescouse by the way ;) xxx
And i am just dead excited about making kransekake. Just need a party to take it too.
Gourmet Belly said…
Ooooh those cake pans will aid my baking repertoire which has been confined to muffin/cupcake looking delights of late, so happy to take these off your hands...and happy to give you some tasters of my baked goods too ;) @Gourmetbelly xx
Kavey said…
When I was at school, for a reason that completely and utterly escapes me, my best friend and I made stained glass biscuits for the boys in our class, for Valentine's. I have no earthly idea why we did this, I genuinely don't think either of us fancied ANY of them, and yet we painstakingly made these pigging ugly, unevenly shaped biscuits with the stained glass windows and put them in everyone's desks before class started. I don't remember much about making them, I don't remember anything about deciding to make them and, most surprisingly, I don't even remember everyone's reactions!

Please can I win the cookie cutters so I can do a more competent job of making stained glass cookies for the person I definitely do fancy these days.
Karin said…
Oh, I've never heard of this Kransekake thing before! Looks amazing. Kind of like the children's toy where you stack different coloured rings on top of each other. Which is definitely a look I'd copy for a Kransekake...
Miss Whiplash said…
Is it illegal to comment twice?
Have realised that I could DEFINITELY win my office Christmas baking contest with the crazy tower cake - could make it into a Christmas tree :-)
It's for CHARIDEEEE and everything.

OK - I'm done now...
Will cease to harass ;-)
Jemma said…
The kransekake pan looks amazing! Oh the possibilities. I think I would make one on a Friday night and then spend the whole weekend being a glutton.

I want Krakerjack pans please, please, please. . .
I would really love the kransekake pans! I promise I will make kransekake straight away! Also, as a Norwegian expat to London I really ought to have one so that I could introduce kransekake to all my UK friends who have yet to taste the deliciousness that is kransekake.

Aveen said…
I sent my husband to Lakeland the other day for Kransekake pans and he couldn't find them (probably because he didn't look very hard) :( I am made about all things Scandi so I really really want a set.

@angeltreats on Twitter
Wow, those cookies look so pretty on the tree, not that I'd be baking them, but when I'm looking after the little'uns of friends they can do it! Mwah hahaha!
Oliver S said…
We nearly bought a kransekake set from Lidl when we came over for Halloween but managed to resist!
I would love the cookie cutters for my newly rediscovered love of baking and pastry. Have been reinventing some old biscuit recipes and those ices biccies look like a fun to make. (Now to get someone to send me a ton of east squeezy icing thingies!)
twannywun said…
Fascinated as I am by the cake tins, I know I will make more use out of the cookie cutters so I'm in for those please!
karen s
twannywun at hotmail dot com
Dom said…
Ooh, pretty! I want the cookie cutters because that's about my skill level. :)
Thebao said…
How cute! Christmas Cookies for all @the_bao
Anne said…
I would probably never use those cake pans even in a million years but I love those cookie cutters and would be very content with them joining the 50 odd other cutters I never use :)
Gail said…
Gimme the cutters. I bake you the biscuits.
Miss Cay said…
That cake pan looks amazing. Also, if I win it, I can palm it off on someone and tell them to make me a big-beringed wedding cake for my upcoming nuptuals. Everyone's a winner!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.
Anonymous said…
A hard decision which to choose, but I think the cookie cutters have the (delicately fluted) edge. Great Christmas fun to have with the niece and nephew. @tinagellie
Naomi Harrop said…
I would really like the Kransekake pan, especially as I have just tried to buy one at Lakeland to make for my 3yr old's party and found that they are not available until the 16 Dec.