Friday, 3 February 2012

Lonely Planet

Me in Lonely Planet
Click the photo to embiggen

I just found out that I am mentioned in the latest edition of Lonely Planet Myanmar (Burma).

How exciting is that? I'm a national treasure, me.

And rather appropriately, tonight I am off to visit family in Burma - see you in a while ...


  1. LEGEND! Have a great trip X

  2. That is frickin' awesome!! I can only dream of such fame...

  3. Amazing! Well done.

    Hope the trip is good, and that there are some real changes there.

  4. Hope you enjoy; I love

    "Click the photo to embiggen"

  5. You are totally a treasure, that is much coolness.

    Also, thank you for calling from the airport to check on me and my itchy eyes. Can't wait to SEE you when you're back. x

  6. I recently came across to your blog. I fine some pretty good stuff on your blog. I m out of time rt now. Just bookmarked you. Soon would enjoy your posting once free.


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