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Stir Wars - A Charity Dinner for the Make A Wish Foundation

IPHONE TO FEB 3012 647
I made badges

It was all a misunderstanding.

It snowballed, as these things do, and so Gail Doggett (One Million Gold Stars), Danny Kingston (Food Urchin), Arianna Halshaw (Bittersweet Bakers), Andre Dang and ended up deciding to hold a tribute Star Wars dinner for charity. 

Stir Wars Menu endorsed by Lord Vader himself

We'd call it Stir Wars and we'd hold it on May the Fifth (because Stir Wars isn't actually Star Wars, one day out didn't seem to matter).

We chose to support the Make A Wish Foundation, and then set forth on securing as many donated items as possible so that all profits went to charity.

The Stir Wars team in front of Tsuru

First things first - we needed a venue. I approached Tsuru, one of my favourite Japanese restaurants, owned by the lovely Emma Reynolds, as she's always been happy to get involved with this kind of foodie frolic, and she'd already offered to help Grazing Asia in the past. 


Tsuru and Emma were on board like a shot, and we were over the moon as their branch in Bishopsgate was the perfect setting for our Death Star Cantina - space age steel, glass and AT-ATs abounded.

Next we needed a menu - for which we needed ingredients. We threw ourselves at the mercy of the world, and thankfully, the following people answered our prayers:

IPHONE TO FEB 3012 656
See Woo supplies

See Woo Foods (my favourite Oriental supermarket) went way beyond the call of duty and not only agreed to provide everything I needed for my course, but even drove it round to my house the day beforehand (and I live in the sticks).

IPHONE TO FEB 3012 662
Wampa haunch aka Donald Russell pig cheeks

Donald Russell provided the meat - probably the most vital ingredient of all - and kindly butchered it to our slightly mad specifications.

Beef ribs butchered to look alien by Donald Russell

The Japan Centre provided specialist ingredients for my course - green and orange flying fish roe (aka tobiko) and salmon caviar (aka ikura).

Wasabi tobiko
Wasabi tobiko from Japan Centre

Complete heroes Asda provided pretty much everything else - AND they stepped into the breach and saved our arses when our original supplier dropped out for no reason.

Drinks were donated by Les Caves de Pyrene, Norfolk Cordial and Tsuru themselves.

We were also sent donations to use as prizes from DK Books, Firebox, King's Fine Food, and Mister Eddie Izzard himself. 

We needed to justify those prizes, and thankfully Jedi Master Gary Fenn aka Big Spud devised a fiendish Star Wars trivia quiz for us.

IPHONE TO FEB 3012 682
The prizes for the Star Wars quiz
Then we realised we'd be stuck in the kitchen for the entire evening and needed some genial hosts. 

Somehow, we ended up with the best in the business - Oisin Rogers and Phil White of the legendary The Ship pub in Wandsworth, and the newly opened The Thatched House in Hammersmith.


So everything was in place. I went a bit Blue Peter and made badges, designed posters, and cut out stormtrooper snowflakes. 

We made a ridiculous website and several ridiculous videos. Hell, Stir Wars even made it into the Evening Standard.

Now we just needed to cook.

Here's how our final menu looked:


 Vagnerian Canapes, Deathstar Bites (me)



 Tauntaun Roll with Spiced Guts, Sliced Wampa Haunch,Drutash Grubs, Hoth Snow (me)



 Prime Bantha Back Ribs marinated in Glitterstym and Ryll with a side ofAunt Beru’s Lost ‘Slaw and Double C Fries (Danny)



 Slivilith Cream Pie with Colo Clawfish Jelly and Krayt Dragon Pearls (Arianna and Gail)

IPHONE TO FEB 3012 685


I loved designing the starter and was pretty chuffed at just how geeky I'd made it - I wanted to recreate Luke's sojourn in the belly of a Tauntaun.

I dyed udon noodles blue, as I figured they'd look more intestinal, dressed them in ponzu and chilli, cut little Lukes out of Vietnamese ham, then wrapped the lot in rice paper. You know, so people could dig in and rescue young Skywalker.

IPHONE TO FEB 3012 663

I added a frozen minted pea slush to cut through the spice (Hoth Snow), slices of tender roasted pig cheeks for a bit more oomph (Wampa haunch), and then topped with the jewel-like Japanese fish roe to add surprise and texture as they popped (Drutash grubs).

It was my job to provide canapés too. For space age nibbles, I popped corn and then shook it with furikake and purple shiso sprinkles, and made purple crisps out of Violette potatoes.


I also made Deathstar bites with See Woo's fab spicy tom yum fish-balls and pickled leeks, and  puff pastry swirls with homemade Burmese balachaung (a relish like sambal) which I dubbed Vagnerian canapés but which in hindsight were clearly Leia buns.

I don't actually remember much of the night except the sheer terror of being trapped by a stormtrooper when I was coming out of the loos.

But I know everyone had a good time - see all the photos from the night taken by the wonderful Ozzy aka karohemd who was also donating his services and the review by here - and we raised £1,600 for the Make A Wish Foundation.


Thank you so, so much to everyone involved, but especially to my comrades Danny, Arianna and Gail - it was a blast. 

Indiana Jones next?

Our kind sponsors and donors are listed in full HERE.


Innocent passers-by


IPHONE TO FEB 3012 668
Food Urchin grapples the bantha ribs







IPHONE TO FEB 3012 672
My starter described by Love Food as "the star of the show and the ultimate geek homage"

Phil White and Oisin Rogers of the Ship and the Thatched House pubs

Genuinely the best beef ribs in the world by Danny Kingston (Food Urchin)

Danny Kingston (Food Urchin) and Arianna Halshaw (Bittersweet Bakers)

Aunt Beru's Lost 'Slaw


Stormtrooper Cookies by Gail Doggett (One Million Gold Stars) and  Bittersweet Bakers

Gin and Tonic Jelly by Gail Doggett (One Million Gold Stars) and  Bittersweet Bakers

IPHONE TO FEB 3012 681

Unsurprisingly, Boba Fett won the quiz


Alice Thompson said…
This post just brought out the inner geek in me. I can tell that the event was a blinding success. I am just glad I did not see those beastly Darth Vader burgers, of whose photos I have seen being circulated around the web not too long ago. Had I been part of this I would have made some Nerf Burgers and Boba Feta Pasta Salad.
Food Urchin said…
About bloody time.......

; P
meemalee said…
@Alice Thompson - Thank you! You mean the Burger King dark burger? I think they only had them in France! Nerf Burgers sound ace though :)

@Food Urchin - Writer's block, man.
Miss Whiplash said…
I still have the stormtrooper snowflake that I *ahem* purloined :-)
chumbles said…
Phenomenal stuff; has no-one suggested a film crew to follow you all around yet? With your beautiful voice it would be phenomenal. Star Wars still remains the only film that I've ever come out of the cinema with more energy than I went in with! Lovely post, MiMi, Media Star!
Hollow Legs said…
Amazing! Brilliant success, well done.
Leigh said…
Wow! What an event! The effort and passion you put into it is clearly evident. Wish I could have been there, and the Well done.