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Japanese Scallops with Soy Butter and Black Sesame (Recipe)


When I was ill, the doctors ran all sorts of tests on me and discovered I had a slight calcium deficiency. 

My diet doesn't contain an awful lot of dairy, so I did some research and found out that sesame seeds contain a surprising amount of calcium.

So here is a recipe for Japanese style scallops using said seeds and a bit of butter - delicious and you can also feel like you're doing your bones some good.

Osteoporosis be damned.

Japanese Scallops with Soy Butter and Black Sesame Seeds

Serves 2

  • 6 fat scallops, coral attached
  • Fat knob of butter
  • Dash of soy sauce
  • Handful of sesame seeds, black if possible
  • Shichimi togarashi (a Japanese pepper mixture)

Toast the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan till fragrant, and then set to one side in a saucer.

Heat the butter in the same pan till it sizzles but before it burns, and then sear the scallops in the butter for two minutes each side. Chuck in the soy sauce and toss the scallops in the soy butter.

Plate up immediately and sprinkle the sesame seeds and the shichimi pepper on top. Eat with a green salad.

TIP 1: Scallops often stick and leave a "skin" on the pan - you can prevent this by making sure they're not wet when they go in the pan.

TIP 2: This is also really good with gomashio though slightly less pretty - leave out the soy sauce, pound the toasted sesame seeds till they become a fine powder and mix with salt before sprinkling on the scallops.


Kavey said…
Oh! I have osteoarthritis, so this would be good for me too. I don't think I have a calcium deficiency (mine due to other reasons) but it can't do any harm to make sure...

Hollow Legs said…
These look lovely; do you just have 'em over rice?
meemalee said…
@Kavey - Any excuse!

@Lizzie Mabbott - I have done, and sprinkled more sesame and salt over the rice too :)
Ooooh, how gorgeous - absolutely the kind of food I love.

I can imagine them looking lovely on a little seaweed salad, which is also high in calcium. I LOVE it when virtuous food is tasty food!
The Grubworm said…
Hat-tip for the two tips, both are good to know. Lovely sounding recipe too! Black sesame would go very well with the scallops AND it looks so pretty too.
Mr Noodles said…
I was kinda hoping that the scallops were going to be the mystery source of calcium...
meemalee said…
@Vicky @ Ursine Cuisine - Like a kaiso salad? That would be gorgeous. I think this would be awesome on a bed of samphire too.

@The Grubworm - I don't usually do tips but hey!

@Mr Noodles - Well, they do have some calcium in them, if that helps.
Yes, absolutely. My go-to is wakame and cucumber. Samphire sounds like it would be perfect too. Yes, this will definitely be the next dish I make as a special treat one evening.
Ascani said…
It`s so sad. I live with low-back pain all my life. And I wish nobody this
Helen T said…
I never knew that about sesame seeds.Do love them so always good to have another great recipe to use them in.
Dennis K. said…
Simple and delcious, my kinda of recipe! :)
Helena Lee said…
Osteoporosis be damned indeed. these look gorgeous.