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Magnum and Cornetto Chocolates Review - They're Teeny Tiny

WallsChocs 001
Magnum Chocolates and Cornetto Chocolates from Wall's

Much as I hate to admit it, I'm a sucker for a gimmick, especially the type sitting at the checkout at your local supermarket (yes, I know they're aimed at children, but I'm a creature of childish impulse). 

I saw these new chocolates from Wall's Ice Cream, and obviously I couldn't resist chucking a couple in my basket.

The Magnum ones first - you get three in a packet and they really do look like tiny Magnum bars. Each one is a couple of centimetres long - about the size of a large lozenge.

WallsChocs 007
It's a Magnum, but tiny

When you bite into the chocolate, there's fluffy vanilla cream inside (bit like creme patissiere).

The taste and texture is about as close to ice cream as not-ice cream can get, though a little artificial.

WallsChocs 002

The Cornetto next. I like how there's a big warning at the top saying "No ice cream included". 

When you unwrap the silver foil, it's quite impressive how it is just a mini Cornetto. Though maybe I'm easily pleased.

WallsChocs 003

The same fluffy vanilla cream can be found inside when you bite off the top.

WallsChocs 005
Whipped fluffiness

What I really like though is that they've even bothered to include the "secret" chocolate tip.

WallsChocs 006
Money shot

Anyway, either of these can be yours for 65p, which seems like daylight robbery to me but then a standard chocolate bar costs that amount these days. I don't know.

At least these are more entertaining than a Dairy Milk.


Food Urchin said…
We got these and we hid them from the kids, is that bad?
meemalee said…
Bad daddy Urchin!

Am so pleased I have three months left before I have to feel guilty about not sharing food with my kid ;P
Miss Whiplash said…
I was all like 'pffft - why would you want something that looked/tasted like an ice cream but wasn't an ice cream?' till I remembered that I'd spent hours doing this...

D'oh :)
meemalee said…
I actually thought of you when I was eating these ;)
Kavey said…
Oh my. I'd totally have impulse bought those too.
Tang said…
I want some! Will have to hide them from JerryFishBiscuits tho.