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Visit Viajante while you can ...


My favourite restaurant in London is Viajante, so I was absolutely gutted to discover that it's closing at the end of this month.

I have always had a brilliant (and sometimes surprising) meal there, and it's as far away from "fayn dayning" as I can think of.

(in fact, the last time we went, my husband and I rolled up after having been to Field Day in nearby Victoria Park and one of the festival acts was chatting up a lady on the front doorstep).


Nuno Mendes, the chef behind Viajante, is moving on to Chiltern Firehouse which Square Meal describes as:
"very different from that of Viajante, with no tasting menus and a more casual feel ... contemporary, ingredient-focused… with an underlying American accent and will showcase the diversity of modern American cooking". 
That's all well and good, but what makes Viajante so magnificent is that you turn up, you choose the number of courses you want and then you're left in their wizard-like hands.


It reminds me of omakase - the Japanese tradition where you entrust yourself to the chef - and even more so, since some of the flavours, techniques and ingredients are quite Japanese in my opinion.

Anyway, I'll stop talking and leave you with some photos from my meals there. 

I strongly suggest you rush to book a meal at Viajante while you can - I certainly have ...









meemalee said…
Lives up to its beauty too! I've been to a few restaurants where the food was stunning to look at but fairly mediocre to taste :(
Anonymous said…
Thanks for bringing Viajante's closure to my attention (I think your post was retweeted by one of my contacts). My girlfriend and I were able to get a booking, here's a photo collage of the 12 course tasting menu (not as good as your photos I'm afraid) -